How Do You Sidestep The Negative Influence Of Others?

The Negative Influence Of Others Can Destroy You

I think the first thing is a total awareness of what is around you and the effect that it is having on you daily. The negative influence of others can ruin your life over time, if you let it..

Ask yourself this question, ‘Am I paying attention to what is having an influence on me every day?

I suspect, like most people, you either are not alive to what you are being exposed to and the long term damage that is happening to you or you know, but are not that bothered.

Positive and Negative Influences

Remember positive and negative influences are in front of you every day and it is up to you what you allow into your life.

Know that when you watch something negative it takes at least ten positive things to eliminate that from your brain, so they say. I am not sure about this at all.

The bottom line is this as far as I am concerned. You should monitor everything and make a choice what you watch, read or listen to. You know whether it is any good for you or not.

How do you sidestep negative influence, especially from individuals? Identify and avoid, it is that simple.

Negative Influence Of Media

The negative influence of media should not be underestimated. You find that most news is bad news and we appear to be manipulated by the Media Moguls and their tools of negativity.

If you scan most newspapers you will find bad news everywhere and very little good news. It will be there somewhere, but the balance is all wrong. The negative influence of others can suck.negative influence of others

I think that when reality TV takes center stage than as a nation, whether it be the UK or US, we are in big trouble. We all need to be careful what print we allow into our minds.

Then we have the TV don’t we. ‘How much do you watch?’ and ‘What do you watch?’

It is your choice and I have to hold my hands up and say I probably watch too much police stuff and war.

Now am I saying cut out watching everything that may have a negative influence on you? I think that it is personal and different things affect different people in different ways. So it will be unique to you.

Oh and by the way media, like the TV and films can be very positive, so maybe it isn’t the media that is at fault, but us for the choices we make.

Negative Influence Of Music

I remember when people used to say that rock and roll was the devil’s work and a bad influence on us. I am sure there was and still is music with lyrics that can influence us and poison our minds, but generally speaking music appears very postive in nature, with a few exceptions.

Now does that mean that we shouldn’t be on our guard, no. I think we just have to be responsible for what we listen to regularly.

Negative Influences On Children

I think that most of the damage is probably done to us in our formative years and as parents, teachers and adults we should be controlling what our children and young persons are watching on TV, in films and on the internet.

How do you feel about a TV program called GLEE or a film like DIRTY DANCING. There are positive aspects about these, but there are always sexual overtones, which I am sure that a lot of people will have a problem with.

Personally I have no problem with these types of films or programs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I am right.

All I can say is that negative influences on children must be reduced and this is one area that we must pay extreme attention to constantly and act accordingly, if we find unsuitable material being exposed to youngsters, although we must not wrap them up in cotton wool, interesting dilemma, we always have more than one possibility.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

The negative influence of others will pull you down.