How to Overcome Your Fear

How to Overcome Your Fear and Develop Courage

How to overcome your fear? is a something interesting to ponder on. I think that it is a continual learning curve for the individual. There are very few winners in the game of life, and why do you think that is? Maybe people do not learn how to dispel their fears.  Usually they are unwilling to fight for what they want and sacrifice their precious to overcome your fear

It could be that they are either impatient for success or it could be that they are just not willing to overcome some basic fear(s) that they have and move forward with their particular challenge. This could be due to laziness on their part or just a lack of guts.Now this could be in leisure pursuits, sports, education, business or relationships etc.

Now quite obviously the list is endless and although they say that success is a journey you will have your own thoughts on what success is and what it means to you. So how does this relate to you? You may say how do I overcome my fears and develop some good old courage.

How to overcome your fear? Learn to talk in front of others. This is a good question for you to ask and hopefully, I can answer it for you. Now there are many fears or phobias, such as those connected with spiders and snakes etc, heights, the dark, flying, closed in or open spaces, public speaking, rejection or failure.

Again there are many more but the aforementioned ones are in the top ten. I thought I would try to keep this real and talk about my own fears/phobias first and how I conquered them. Hopefully, you can relate to some of these fears, take heart and conquer your own. My first fear was public speaking.

Now I thought this might be number one on the top fears list but it is in fact number three. I was eleven and the thought of going up on stage at school and saying hello frightened the hell out of me. But for some reason, I just had to do it. At that time I had started playing soccer and I was the star striker scoring many goals.

Now a position came up to report on the previous soccer game, to the school assembly, on a Monday morning. Now I just had to get up there and give the audience a simple blow by blow account of the game. Thinking back I am not sure if the pain of getting up on stage was greater than the pleasure of telling the assembly how many goals I had scored.

All I can say is I was nearly physically sick every time I got up on stage but I did get better and better at public speaking. Now how did that affect me in later life? Well, I have spoken in front of hundreds of people in my network marketing business, given evidence in court a few thousand times, sometimes nervous but most times not. I also remember having what I thought was a fear of heights.

We have all stood in or on a high building and looked down. You know the feeling, not that good is it. So how did I overcome that particular fear? I went rock climbing, abseiling and flying. I then realized that my fear was not heights but the fear of falling.

How To Overcome Your Fear:  Massive Action. Consider Skydiving.

If I had good ropes attached to me I was never fearful. I still a bit queasy looking down with a lack of protection and security. I had a fear of rejection and this was a constant battle for quite a long time. I found out that this was in relation to being adopted.

Now obviously I am not going to explain everything about this fear. But what I will say is acquiring some knowledge about yourself is absolutely vital in your action plan. I did, in fact, identify this fear and cured myself using fantastic personal development books and audio recordings from great people like Anthony Robbins.

The last fear that I am going to talk about is my fear of failure. Again this remained unidentified for many years. I do not suffer from this specific fear anymore. Because I made a victory list, a list of my achievements over the years, small and large. I read this list regularly.

So let us talk about you and how you can get a grip of your fears and either eliminate them completely or at least bring them under your control.

Step 1: Identification

The first step is you must know your self and be completely honest when it comes to your phobias and fears. You may need to talk with someone who can assist you in this area. If you are economical with the truth here then forget it.

Step 2: Research

Then either go to the library or conduct some research on the internet relating to your you phobias and let professionals help you. There are many articles and or books written about these subjects that will assist you greatly.

Step 3: Make A Simple Plan

Write down on paper some simple plans on how you overcame your phobias/fears. I strongly suggest getting a copy of Law Of Attraction by Michael J Losier, then you will realize why I used the word ‘overcame’.

Step 4: Create A Victory List

This can be a simple journal where you enter every little success that you have and this will build up into an extensive victory list, that will also help you in many other areas. It is a bit like a Curriculum Vitae.

Step 5: Take Massive Action

Without this particular phase nothing else really matters. You only have one life, live it with no regrets. But you must do something with what you are learning about yourself.

Step 6: Gather Support

Find someone that you can talk to about this on a regular basis, to make sure you are moving in the right direction. Now we know that there are going to be a lot of people who you just cannot share this with. So chose this person(s) very wisely.

Step 7: Realise This Will Not Just Happen Overnight

Remember this could be a short or long-term project and be prepared for any length of time. Be kind to yourself and give yourself a break on this journey. You will not get it right one hundred percent of the time. Relax you are going to get there.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

How to overcome your fear: Make it your life’s purpose to conquer yourself.

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How to overcome your fear and develop courage.

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