How To Make A Change In Your Life. Part II

Exciting: How To Make A Change In Your Life (Continued)

Yesterday we were talking about network marketing as the desired vehicle to get us where we wanted to go and answer the question, 'How to make a change in your life and we identified several essentials for the go-getter, which included desire, courage, and tenacity. We also spoke about working hard, being decisive, making definite decisions and being committed to your business, amongst other important components.

We also mentioned about relying on yourself, working with those that deserve your help and not overcomplicating things. Now we get to talk about persistence, discipline, determination, being bold and the winning mindset.

Don't worry too much about ticking all of these attributes off of some kind of list. The key here is to know where you are going and go for it, period. All the other things will be attracted to you like a big magnet as you rocket thrust along. Yes, there is going to be some debris left, but, hey no-one ever said it would be a Rose Garden.

Learn To Discipline Yourself

For example if you decided to go out in your area and give out ten business cards every day, then make sure that you do this. This is a great example of discipline. Would you do that? It depends on how hungry you are, doesn't it? There are many ways of disciplining yourself, especially in network marketing. 

Athletes have to teach themselves discipline in order to be successful. I remember this is the one thing I loved about training for the London Marathon. I had a total discipline for two whole years. I completed 99% of the training schedule that I had set myself. But the biggest thing it taught me was that you could get what you wanted by desire, great planning and sheer hard work.

Do You Believe That Will Freedom Arrive For You?

Freedom will come for you, as long as you believe that it will and then next helping others believe that it can happen for them also. Your freedom will depend on you and if you conquer discipline, acquire persistence, consistency and make determination your best friend, the results of your efforts will be startling.

Freedom is having strong leaders who hit their goals that they want to hit.Freedom is seeing that your top leaders have arrived at the income that the want to arrive at, whatever freedom looks like for to make a change in your life

Step Up, Be Bold And Decide That You Are Never Going To Stop

Everyone's idea of freedom is different, get to help people achieve their goals. if you are a selfish person then network marketing is not the business for you, but if you are giving person, then you are going to go to the top. So never quit, make quality decisions and say to yourself, “I am never going to quit.” Failure is not an option and you make sure that you never look back. Make sure you display boldness to your team or group and you teach this to your leaders, through the way you act and feel.

Failure will never happen if you decide to commit. You can do this, you know you can. You were determined to start and you are not going to stop and you don't care if people quit. You just keep moving forward and success will come for you. You have to truly believe that and that is the way you should think every day and that is the way you should continue to think.

Keep moving and say to yourself. "I am not going to stop."  The say to your team, "If you stop, then you will just see my back so don't stop, lets go.".

If you sponsor someone and they don't return your call, get back to right away or if they are ask to make a list and they don't make a list, then they are not going to get very much help until they want to build. If you ask them to do some things and they don't do them, then they don't want it bad enough.  So say to them, "When it is a good time for you to re engage in this business, let's get back together." You have to help people who actually want it now, today, not next week. If you hit adversity, it is no big deal, just move on.

You Must Keep Moving Forward

You must keep moving forward and it really doesn't matter what anyone else does. But always keep an open door. If you are charging forward, people will see that. It may not be the right time for them. It doesn't matter what other people do, you keep charging forward.

Its your decision to do this business and you must say to yourself, “I am not quitting on my dream.” You must show full commitment to be successful. hopefully people get it, step up and change their own lives, but understand that those who quit, just quit. You cannot afford to care, you just find someone else who wants it more than they did, who is not afraid of challenges and wants to see the bigger picture, which is ultimately wealth.

Say to people in a firm but nice way, "If you want to keep being broke, that is your choice. I don't." So take control of that, your destination. You're welcome to grab hold of yours. So learn to get them excited and get them signing people up quickly, you know, ignorance on fire is always better than knowledge on ice.

Adopt A Winning Entrepreneurial Mindset  Become Business Minded From The Very Beginning

At an early stage, learn To Take Massive Action and how to talk to people. You must never care who gets it and who does not. You have to say, " I am going to the top, who wants to go with me." Be bold here and say, "With or without you."

Always treat this business as a business and not as a hobby, as many people have done in the past and continue to treat it as such

Your vision is the thing that will move people into action. When they see it in your eyes that you are going somewhere and you're confident in your destination, people will follow. 80% of people want to be told what to do, that is just how they are wired, that is why so many people have jobs today.

So you can help them come out of that job mentality (nothing wrong with a job though) by where you see yourself, don't be wishy washy, stand up straight and, get a bold message out to people and say, "This is where I am going, are you coming with me?" Most people will react with the level of confidence that you approach them with. You have to believe that is true because it has happened to many people before and you must know it can happen for you.

In Summary

Make bold decisions, conquer simple dialogue when talking to other people. Speak clearly, so that people understand you and know where you are going and also where you are coming from. 

Keep moving forward, never stop for anything or any one person, discipline yourself to take massive action on a daily basis and know that your freedom is just around the next corner if you adopt a winning mindset, play full out and become business minded, rather than employee minded. Know how to make a change in your life, moving forward.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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