How To Have Success In Network Marketing

How To Have Success In Network Marketing

I would like to think that you have chosen a proven and established network marketing opportunity, which exudes absolute integrity and a tremendous amount of compliance. Also I hope that you have become a thorough professional at what you do and you are either an outstanding leader already or moving in that direction rapidly.

As you grow there will be many questions that you will need to answer, when asked, if you want to show others, ‘How To Have Success In Network Marketing.’

how to have successThese questions are simple, duplicable and must become a part of your every day network marketing life. A lot of people ignore these questions and they do so at their peril. Here are those questions:-

1. What Is It?

This is the first question that people ask, because normally they want to know more about the opportunity that is being presented to them. They need the question, ‘What Is It?’ answered to satisfactorily.

Now they do not need to know everything about your business, but just enough, so that they can make an educated decision whether or not they would like to get started with you immediately or whether they need more information, so that they can conduct their due diligence and the necessary research. They may, in fact, decide that this is not for them and they are just not interested at all and that is cool.

But the key here is that you must be in a position to provide them with all the relevant information and answers that they will require in making that decision. If you do not know the answers to their questions, you must have a way of obtaining the answers and then making sure they receive it. You need to be totally honest here and say, ‘I don’t know the answer to that question, but I will find out and let you know as soon as I can.’

2. Can I Do This?

The second question that people may well ask themselves relates directly to the prospective partner’s belief level, their self image and their attitude, which will probably affect their internal answer to this question. They have to answer this question, ‘Can I Do This?’

Now if they are confident already, then they will know the answer to that question very quickly, but if they are weak and shy, then maybe they may be slow in answering that question to themselves.

Maybe they are not the kind of people you should be looking for in the first place (but there are always exceptions to the rule). There will always be the floating voters in the middle of the pack, who will make up the majority of your prospects and you should do all that you can to show your support for them, from the first moment to the last.

Now a big part of their decision making process could well be about the way they have been handled by you so far in the process. They may well ask themselves, ‘Is this easy to do.’ or ‘Can I do what my sponsor has just done?’ 

Now if you have built a great rapport with them right from your first contact and you have kept it real simple, then this may well go a long way to answering this second question with an affirmative and positive response. Because everything you do is being looked at by your prospect, who will then follow you, if they decide to come into your opportunity.  

Will You Help Me? 

The last question you want your prospective partner to ask is, ‘Will You Help Me?’ 

Now they make ask you directly, indirectly or they may come to their own conclusion on this one. But they must feel that you will be there for them and be prepared to help them build their new venture. 

They may well ask the same question in another form. ‘What support will I get?’ 

All new people coming into a network marketing business will want to know about the support network that is already in place and the level of assistance that they can expect from their new mentor, sponsor and other leaders. Remember that everyone is unique and will require various levels of coaching or guidance.

In Summary

If you can show that you will be a really good guide and answer these three questions successfully then you have a great chance of helping someone make a quality decision, which is hopefully in favour of  joining you in your business opportunity.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

How to have success.