Give Yourself Confidence

So Here Is How To Give Yourself Confidence

Well in order to understand how to give yourself confidence, maybe we need to know a little bit more about confidence first, who it affects and how easy it is to lose it. Then we can work on the components that will make a difference and boost our confidence to consistently high levels.

I have been reliably informed that confidence is fragile and to be fair I never believed that.  I played soccer and worked as a police detective for many years and if I made a mistake I brushed it off immediately. I never ever let a single incident bother me at all. I ignorantly went through life thinking everyone was the same. How wrong was I and it didn’t dawn on me that life, in general, might be any different, confidence-wise, until 2009, when I had what I can only describe as a massive drop in confidence.

The thing was, I do not know why it happened and still have no clue whatsoever what was the cause or causes of this confidence dip. It took me 2 years to get about 95% of my confidence back and I still have to work on it. So obviously I know totally accept that confidence is a delicate thing.give yourself confidence

However what I can say is now that I am aware of it. I will probably never drop to such depths again because I now know how to insure myself. A drop in or lack of confidence can affect anyone at any time, believe me. Ask people like Barbara Streisand, Sir Laurence Olivier, and Andre Agassi, they have all been affected by nerves or loss of confidence.

One of the things I did identify, was that between 2009 and 2011, the level and amount of personal development I took part in, declined, so that could be one of the reasons. To be fair this is an area which you can let slip without even noticing it. 

On the sporting front, I was always active in some sport or other and that had declined also. Suffice it to say that personal development and sport (exercise) are back on the agenda and it appears that these two areas have made an outstanding and dramatic effect.

How To Give Yourself Confidence

1. Spend time around positive and happy people, so that you are in the right frame of mind to look and seek changes in your outlook, moods and confidence levels. Look at the people you mix with at the moment and decide whether they are the best ones to be around. If they aren’t tweaking things gradually or rapidly, depending on the type of effect that those people are having on you as a person.

2. Start to get a few wins or positive experiences into your life, if you have been lacking in this area. Now I am not necessarily referring to something like training for the next marathon or the next triathlon. But look at this boosting confidence journey as a slow and fun process, which needs care and practice every day.

Consider just going and doing something nice for someone, preferably a person who cannot do something back for you and they don’t even have to know about it, as it can be completed anonymously. This is one way of building your confidence back up.

If it is exercise, then just go for a nice walk every day and increase it gently until you are happy with the pace and distance. Write down all your wins and results in a success journal and see how quick you can fill it. This will have a tremendous effect on your confidence moving forward.

Also if you are the owner of a network marketing business and a lack of confidence has paralyzed you and brought your business to a temporary halt, find just one thing to complete, that will benefit both you and your business, something that you can look back on and say, ‘I enjoyed that.’ It could be the simplest and smallest thing that you could do, but the key here is to do it.

3. Start to get back into or begin some personal development, that you will find easy and enjoyable. Create some nice habits for 21 to 30 days, that become a part of you and propel you back to the level of confidence you once had or to higher levels that you desire.  

Personally, I went on YouTube and selected some quick and easy personal development videos which featured Jack Canfield. Each video was just a couple of minutes long and I could listen to them at my pace.

Never underestimate the power of the internet and videos to drag you back towards a positive mindset and to help your confidence rise again.

You see that to answer that question, ‘How to give yourself confidence.’ is answered by you taking simple actions and movement. Starting very small and then as the confidence is increasing, albeit very slowly, you can do a bit more, then a bit more, until you have broken free of those mental chains that you have put around yourself or allowed others to do it for you.

You can do this, you know you can.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey