How To Get In The Zone and Stay There?

How Do You Get Into The Zone and Stay There?

How to get in the zone and stay there?’ Well let’s see if we can unravel this challenge.

I think the first thing is to know what is meant by being ‘in the zone.’

The zone is unique to the individual, so all I can do is give you my take on things and then you can decide what being in the zone means to you to get in the zone and stay there

The zone is normally kept for sportsmen and sportswomen who are at the top of their own game in sports like athletics, golf and basketball etc.

It is a place where they feel that everything is about as perfect as it is ever going to get. In other words, every part of their performance is at it’s optimum best.

Now although I used to be an athlete, my observations are going to be transferred to the area of entrepreurism.

So for the entrepreneur or business person being ‘in the zone’ would probably relate to a psychological feeling, rather than a physical thing.

It is reaching a level of calmness and confidence that will assist them to feel relaxed and chilled out when conducting their business activities.

Sometimes they will be ‘in the zone’ and sometimes they won’t. Like most sports people an entrepreneur will have excellent days and mediocre days. You either choose to be there or choose not to be.

Entrepreneurs will find themselves laser focused and their monkey chatter, you know that voice that we listen to every day, will be telling them excellent quality information.

Business people will feel in complete harmony with their business, their expectations and their goals. They will feel a certain amount of pain if they are not ‘in the zone’ and a tremendous amount of pleasure if they are.

I think being ‘in the zone’ is that complete feeling of contentment. Knowing that you are completely on the right track mentally and also knowing that you are being the type person that you need to be to achieve success.

Getting ‘in the zone’ is much easier than staying there. I think the key here is to keep a journal of everything that you are doing and have done on your journey to that great place.

By knowing how you got there it will become simpler to stay there. Having said that some people will find it much harder to get there in the first place than others, mainly because personal circumstances are our very own and special to us. Having said that there is no excuse in the end to arriving and being ‘in the zone.’

So are you ‘in that zone’ or have you ever been? I hope you feel the exhilaration of that feeling at some stage in your life and conquer your particular endeavor. 

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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How to get in the zone and stay there

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