How To Focus And Achieve Massively

How To Focus In Three Easy Steps

I personally believe that to focus is very simple, but it isn’t easy. We all must learn how to focus because it is key to our future.

Focus is simple if you are passionate about the goal, dream or ambition. In other words, it must be extremely important to you. Because a project or goal lightly set will be freely abandoned at an early opportunity. If it is vital for you to complete the task, then you will find a way to stay to focus

So, passion is the first key to focus, but you say PASSION isn’t the problem. I start a task but never seem to finish it. It is normally because you cannot stay on target and finish the task.

Remember the film Star Wars, where Luke had to fire his missiles at a specific point to destroy the near impregnable space station. He had to remain on one particular course and not change direction. He had to focus on a small opening and had to ignore his Dad, Darth Vader, and two other small spacecraft, trying to destroy him.

Luke ignored everything else and completed the job successfully, all because of he focused brilliantly. Now you have to do the same and direct your undivided attention to the task at hand, whatever it is.

So if passion is the first key what is the second one?

The second key EXCLUSION is removing all other distractions from your surroundings. Things like Twitter, Facebook, family, friends, telephones, emails etc, everything, without exception.

In other words, remove all excuses and outside influences. Forget your to-do list and focus.

The third and final key is SIMPLICITY, you have chosen your task and want to complete it today. Stay on target and only concentrate on that one thing, nothing else. That is it.

In Summary

Follow this simple guide when you want to achieve anything worthwhile.

A) PASSION: Work on something you feel strongly about.

B) EXCLUSION: Remove all other distractions, exclude everything else.

C) SIMPLICITY: Only work on one task at a time.

I hope this has shown you how to focus on three steps, some people make it more complicated than it should be and there is absolutely no need to make things more difficult.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey