How Do You Conquer Time Commitment Obstacles?

Time Commitment Obstacles Affect Us All

Time commitment obstacles can be very personal things and unique to each and every person. What will work for one, may not necessarily work for another.

I love working with ultra busy people, because their time commitment is usually overcome without fuss, complaint or drama.

For other people, time commitment is an absolute disaster and this is where stress, frustration and overload kick in and destroy all the good things that have been achieved previously.

time commitment obstaclesSo what is the key to this clock controlled nightmare of commitment time bedlam?  

I think the key for me is tidiness and organisation. If you work in an office, take a good look around, scan the immediate area and see if you are happy with your surroundings.

Now I know that some people just love disorganised chaos and that is all right, it is their choice. However, some of you may wish to reconsider your position on neatness if you are not achieving the great results that you are seeking.

Now obviously you are not going to use this as an excuse for a lack of success and results, are you? One excellent sweep of your office and it is done. I do not mean making a daily chore and using it to avoid taking the required action. 

So now that you have ensured that your working space is conducive to action, you may wish to do the same with your mind. In fact this may well be the first thing that you do every day, before you start to get into the work day.

Possibly setting aside a block of time to enable you to meditate, relax your mind and journal before you start your productive work. The key here is to calm the mind and just generally chill out.

Now for the entrepreneur, this is much easier to complete and fit into their work day. For the employee, it may be more of a challenge and they may have to utilize early morning time and travelling time to achieve this, but where there is a will, there is a way. You will work it out and if you don't then you didn't want to do it in the first place. (don't forget to use your lunch break as well)

So you have de-cluttered the mind and the office space, now is the time to enter the fray and become super efficient. Now I am fully aware that achieving a life and work balance is constantly interesting and a daily challenge, but let us move on.

Now there are crucial things that you need to do and there are a lot of other items that need your attention.

Make a list of everything you have to do, need to do and want to do.

Pick the top five, you know the most important ones and then prioritize each one in order.

Stay with number 1 until it is fully completed, stay on target. Do not move on to number 2 until that you can give it a big fat tick or cross it off your list forever.

If you go through your list like this and do not veer of course, I promise you that you will smash all five very quickly on most occasions and have some time to get into the remainder of those items you want to get done as well. 

Reduce distractions to an absolute minimum, ignoring all the usual suspects, such as email and the telephone. Do not allow anything or anybody to knock you out of your stride.

If you set aside time slots, do not under any circumstances allow the telephone or people to interrupt you. It will break your concentration and waste valuable time. Tell people to leave you alone and turn your phone on silent and put it in a drawer.  

If you set aside one hour to take care of item one on your list, do just that. At the end of the hour, take a short break and allow a few interruptions for 5 or ten minutes before shutting off again and knuckling down to item 2 on your list. 

Whatever you do develop a system that works for you and crack the time commitment thing. Becoming an effective manager of time is a series of habits and you will not only get more done, you will improve your work record and probably make more money. 

Lastly make sure that simplicity and calmness rule the day.

To your success

Paul Bursey

Time commitment obstacles.