Successful Business Relationships

How To Build Successful Business Relationships

Successful business relationships within the MLM and Network Marketing industry are really where it is at. It is the quality of the rapport that is built up between two people and team members, which may well be the big difference in the size of the objective reached and quite possibly the amount of money earned residually.

Building successful business relationships is the result of employing and using some tremendously powerful and effective techniques and principles. 

So here are nine steps to successful business relationships, that may well be extremely valuable to you whilst you are building your team. You may wish to consider these on your journey to the top. I am sure there are many things that can help you, but these are my hottest tips.successful business relationships

Always Treat Business Associates With The Utmost Respect

Without respect there will be no business relationship. Coach and display respect from day one continuously, whether you are dealing with time or people.

Become An Excellent Communicator

This is the biggest of them all as far as I am concerned, because it relates to all team members within an organisation. Not only do you have to develop the ability to engage in dialogue, but always remember that you must always listen intently to others when asking a searching questions.

Show everyone conversation generosity, which basically means handing the floor over to others because it is the right thing to do and everyone is entitled to a voice within a team.

Good communication must permeate throughout any group or team and should cover all things visual, written and verbal.

Be There In The Trenches With Them

By all means use the wonders of communication, such as the telephone and internet, but there is nothing quite like working directly with your team members, face to face.

Working one on one, in the same room, always has the most effect on people and produces the best results, so get into action with them and show them how it is done, then kick them out of the nest quickly.

Take People With You And Help Them Be A Success

Jim Rohn said, “Rather live in a tent with someone you love, than live in a mansion on my own.” (not exact words) 

It is no good being at the top and having all the money, if there is no-one else to drink the champagne with. So on your journey to success take your people with you and help them to be successful as well.

Listen And Know Their Desires And Wants

Know your people and spend time with them. Find out what makes them tick and what they are looking for in the business. Help them map up a plan to achieve some exciting, but attainable goals.

Wouldn’t you get a kick out of helping someone become financially independent. I know I definitely would.

See And Notice Their Potential

Be aware of and identify every person’s unique potential and seek to enhance their chance of winning. Always encourage people to fulfil their amazing potential at every opportunity.

Empower, Praise And Edify Your Team Members

This one ties on beautifully to the previous tip. Always empower your people to move forward and to excel in everything that they do, which means always providing great leadership for them to emulate..

Take every chance to praise your team members, when they have achieved something of worthwhile note. But use this wisely and make it special. Edify members of your team to other team members, leaders and newcomers regularly.

Learn The Art Of Patience And Teach It

Be patient with all people within a team, because they are all individuals, unique in their own way, because they will build at different speeds. Be amazed at the fast ones, accept the medium paced ones and understand the slow ones. Remember to cut people some slack and teach patience to all.

Make People Feel Real Good

This is a crucial element to build a huge and successful team. Spend your time being that ray of light and make people feel great and glad to be around you. Avoid gossip at all times, spread good cheer and speak good of everyone.

Make sure you are fun to be around and always leave a good taste in someone’s mouth, whether they are a team member, prospective partner, client or someone who is not interested at all in what you have to offer, in fact, everyone you come into contact with.

Make someone you never make someone feel bad, because I will guarantee that it won’t make you feel any better. In fact it will probably make you feel worse and spoil not only their day, but yours as well.

In Summary

Successful business relationships are a vital part of your success, so make sure that you lead people well and really care about them. You are not there to solve all their problems and save the world, but you must be the custodian of leadership. But please do not do it all for them, just guide, coach, mentor and show them the way forward. 

Teach them how to be tenacious, develop courage and be totally honest in their dealings with others. Basically, you lead by example and they will follow you as a great example. Follow up consistently and support your team members when it is needed or required. Provide quality leadership always.

Lastly make sure you leave your ego at the door and do not make it about you. If there is praise to be had, then ensure that it is your team that gets it.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey