How To Build Self Confidence In Yourself

How To Build Self Confidence In Yourself. Is A Question We should all Ask Ourselves

‘How to build self-confidence In Yourself.’ Every network marketer should look in the mirror and ask this question. Why? At some stage, you may need to know for yourself or for a team member in the future. Building confidence is basically a series of great habits and small steps.

Practise well and you will become what you practice. In other words, expect to be confident and set a small series of steps in motion that will take you from A to B, then from B to C and so on. Start small and increase the size of the steps very slowly and to build self confidence in yourself

The preparation must come first before anything else though, so set your self up to win by making sure that any monkey chatter (the voice inside your head) is saying the right things and not beating you up regularly. Part of preparation is writing down what you want from your efforts and maybe adding a date to the goal or ambition.

Respect the fact that you may well have a long way to go, but expect to move forward, knowing that you are on your way to improving your confidence. Comfort yourself in knowing that even the very best actors are extremely nervous before a performance and they are always questioning their own confidence levels. Understand also that you will have some good days and some bad days, but just stick with it.

So you are now prepared for success knowing that there well may be a few setbacks along the way. You might ask yourself, ‘Where do I start?’ Let me answer it this way. Let us assume that your goal is to run a marathon, but you are completely new to running. I am further assuming that you are reasonably fit, free of injury and have the necessary equipment.

What you need is a quick win and then learn to build on it very gradually. So the first step is to run the length of your road or slightly longer than you have run before. The physical and mental activity of getting ready is good for the psyche. Next, you are adding a short run into the mix. This will do wonders for your confidence.

The next time you run you can do the same run and add 250 meters to it, gradually increasing the distance and speed (if you want).

Can you know see how confidence is increased, by simple and small baby steps? These simple principles can be used to achieve anything.

Go on give it a go!

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


How to build self-confidence in yourself.