How To Become More Motivated

Become More Motivated Permanently

Well, I think the first thing is to discuss is this 24/7 thing. So, what do I mean by that?

I see people worried sometimes because they are going through a period of time where they are unmotivated, The thing is most people (not everyone) go through the different stages of motivation and it is vital that you realize this.

Motivation does not have to be the total obsession that the top echelons of sports and business talk about, but it helps of course.

But what about me.I hear you say, I am motivated to achieve, but there are times when frankly I just want to chill out. Is that ok.?.

Obviously it is ok to have downtime and in fact, I would urge you to seek a balance in your life. Having an obsession does work because we see it all the time, but at what cost. My advice, become more motivated.
become more motivated

We are not all made of the same stuff and it is crucial that you know you and how your mind works.

The key here is to find what is best for you and your particular circumstances and go with the flow, as they say.

Motivation comes from within and not outside. Yes, you can be greatly influenced by fantastic role models and leaders, but in the end, you have to be true to yourself and work things your way.

The key to motivation is knowing what you want, your desires, your ambitions and the outcome you crave. If the reason(s) are strong enough and important enough to you then you will strive for the winning position.

So for me, I find that I have to be totally motivated to succeed, but I am best served by planning rest, relaxation and exercise, where I completely break away from business, career or sport.

You know, go watch a sunset, attend a soccer game or just have a beer.

It is a constant battle to seek a life balance, but the fun is variation. If you vary what you do in all areas, when you get back to your ambition, the desire levels are either unaffected or have been increased. If you ignore the good stuff I suggest that your motivation levels may well be affected to the point of no return, in some cases or at least diminished somewhat.

Motivation is unique to the individual, but you should do whatever you have to do to reach the pinnacle of your dreams or goals by the best means possible.

One last note though, so you do not become so calm and cool that you forget your motivation and your project. Plan your time well, so you incorporate all the necessary components for your success. Chill out too much and your dream will die. Obsess about success, on the other hand, may well give you the riches you desire, but no-one to spend it with.

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Paul Bursey


How to become more motivated

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