How To Become A Rhino

How To Become A Rhino In Network Marketing

How to become a rhino is a question asked by many new distributors. Rhino development is a major growth factor for a network marketer. It is that place where nothing phases or bothers you anymore. Criticism will just glide off of your back like water and attacks on your character are repelled easily. you will need to mature and grow a thick protective skin.

There are going to be haters out there who will want to fight with you verbally, because you want to be different and strive ahead. You are going to ruffle some feathers along the way, but get used to it, because it will happen quite a few times. Keep charging to become a rhino

You need conduct yourself with integrity and with a servant’s heart, but that doesn’t mean that you are soft. Quite the opposite, because from day one in the network marketing profession you are learning, experiencing, flourishing and growing.

It is a process of toughening up and not allowing anything to take your focus away from your main outcome. There will be individuals out there who will try to affect you in a negative way and you need to be aware of the dangers of letting these people get under your skin.

You will find that there are people who can be guided and taught how to behave and progress. Also there will others that you must eliminate very quickly in order to keep the momentum going.

5 Tips To Help Grow That Rhino Hide

1. Stand your ground and keep your vision on the goal or dream. Never allow anyone to put you off or quit. Tenacity and perseverance will always win the day.

2. Take the hits that will come your way, brush yourself off and keep going. Learn to make consistency and persistence your best friends and teach it to your team.

3. Never tolerate idle talk, rumor or harmful gossip, it will affect you, your environment and your team. Keep things honest and out in the open. Remove any bad influence from your organization rapidly.

4. Make quality decisions and keep your word. People watch what you do and listen to your words. If you say that you are going to do something you must make it happen.

5. If you make a mistake admit it and put it right immediately or as soon as you can. Team members and other leaders will see that you just like them, in that you can make mistakes also. The key is correcting the wrong with the right attitude.

Now, you can choose to be a rhino or a hyena. A Rhino knows what he wants, stays strong and takes no crap for anyone. He is prepared to fight his corner at any given moment and strikes normally bounce straight off his or her thick skin.

The hyena is a cowardly scavenger who lurks around corners. He or she is weak and looking for the scraps that are dropped or left on the ground by other predators. Hyenas sneer and give the impression that they are probably engaged in gossip and all things negative.

You never see a hyena in the company of rhinos. Rhinos are an endangered species because there are too few of them. Go be a rhino today.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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How To Become A Rhino


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