How To Be Pro-Active

How To Be Pro-Active. 3 Powerful Tips

Being pro-active is where success really starts and where we all should be aiming our efforts. It really doesn’t matter what you are looking to achieve in any particular field, pro-activity is the order of the to be pro-active

So what would they mean for someone thinking of losing weight. well, we can talk about losing weight, setting a goal and planning to lose weight, but in the end, there has to be some kind of consistent action, which means being pro-active and getting off our rear end and doing something.

Really this is aimed at myself, although you are probably thinking it is coming directly at you.

So let us look at 3 powerful tips on how to be proactive in the area of  weight loss.

To answer the question about how to Be Pro-Active’ is easy to answer. Here are some simple, effective and powerful ideas:

1) Exercise Regularly

Oh that nasty word, OMG not running. No, just go for a walk regularly, but make it fun. I know that you hear this all the time but keep it very simple and easy to incorporate into your life. I remember when I was a soccer player and I was injured. I allowed my fitness to spiral out of control because I ceased doing any exercise of any kind whatsoever.

A had a shortage of time available to me, so I had to be creative. I walked a total of 2 miles every weekday, walking between my house and the departure train station, then from the arrival train station to work, this was one mile. I then did the second mile on the return journey, instead of taking the car.

Within 30 days I was well on the way to recovering my fitness and I saved a fortune on petrol. So can you do this? Of course you can and if you can’t well…

2) Drinking More Fluids & Sleeping 8 Hours

When I analysed my habits at that particular time I was not drinking or sleeping enough. I was drinking tea all day long, which as you know is a diuretic. Beverages like tea, coffee, hot chocolate and colas are all diuretics and cause the kidneys to produce more urine and hence the body retains less fluid.

I found that the best way to re-hydrate my body was with water and juices. Now I always aim at 2 liters (3 pints) every day. Secondly, I noticed that I was surviving on 5 hours sleep a night or less. So I changed that very quickly to 7 to 8 hours a night.

So why fluid and sleep you may well ask. They are both required to regenerate your body, it is as simple as that. Both fluid and sleep are vital cogs in the wheel of healthy living and will assist you over time to lose weight. This is how to be proactive.

3. Cutting Out The Bad Stuff And Replacing It With The Good Stuff

What am I referring to here then, yes you guessed it, alcohol, sweets, and fast foods. I just cut down on these three areas and supplemented them with juices, fruit and good nutritious food. But I would cheat occasionally because if you deny yourself totally, you end up bingeing.

Part of the problem was spending enormous amounts of time at work, skipping meals and grabbing anything to feed the appetite or thirst. I know that you have heard all this before but I found that not only did this work for me but I also found it extremely easy to implement into my daily regime.

Do not make it a chore though. Now, obviously, when we talk about the word proactive, we can relate it to anything. Pro-activity is still the same whether you are talking about starting a business or learning a language.

It is all about taking action and doing something useful consistently and persistently. I will until….

So if you want three powerful tips on being proactive here they are:-

A) Take A Simple But Powerful Action towards your goal within the next 5 minutes NO EXCUSES

B) Read Something Inspirational For 15 Minutes with the next 30 minutes

C) Watch To Something Motivational For 15 Minutes within the next 60 minutes

Take little baby steps and implement simple little tasks into your day and then build on them.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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