How To Achieve Results Part III

How To Achieve Results In Network Marketing: Work Ethic

How to achieve results with massive action. We now move into the action phase of how to achieve results. In other words this is where your work ethic and sweat equity kick in.

So first of all you learned to work on yourself and improve your mindset, with a tremendous amount of personal development and then you had to take of your positive associations, by selecting the right people who you should spend most of the time around. In other words a great coach, experienced mentor or effective accountability partner. 

Let's Get To Work

As I always make a point of saying, you need to keep things real simple here and find out how you want to market. In short it is all about, how you want to conquer lead generation and learn how to achieve results.

Realistically you are going to have to find at least three different areas where you can create adequate lead flow. Have you thought about how you are going to do this? You could use marketing methods such as newspaper ads, Facebook or face to face marketing and the choice is endless.

You must have the ability to plan and organize your time really well and set aside time each day to market your business opportunity. Personally I do not spend very much money on marketing. I generate leads through social media, writing this weblog and personal contact. 

How Many People Should You Speak To?

Well I spoke to a friend the other day, who is very experienced in direct sales and used to making big money. He suggested that you need to speak to and properly qualify 1300 people to be to achieve results

Now to the average person that may well appear to be outrageous and out of their grasp. So I sat down, broke things down and worked out the numbers. Because I wanted to crack how to achieve results.

So, let's say that these figures are based on a 12 month period. If you were to speak to 5 new people every weekday, for 50 weeks, in a year, you would end up speaking to about 1250 people. Does that sound a little bit more doable?  

In Summary

You can see the most important thing about how to achieve results, is sticking at it, not giving up and letting the numbers game work for you. As long as you feel good, come across to your prospective partners with a relaxed confidence, keep things real simple, make the law of averages work for you and spend time around the best people that you can, you will make it.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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