How To Achieve Results Today Part II

How To Achieve Results Today In Network Marketing, What’s Next?

Now we understand that personal development is probably the most important component of achieving results, we need to get into the action phase very quickly now. But do not dismiss or forget your feelings and emotions, when starting to go to work and learning how to achieve results today.

Remember to achieve well, you need to feel good, so before you act or start working, make sure you set the scene or mood. So the first thing was to work on your self growth daily. Once you are in the groove, that will be the time for you to go to work.

Enlist Some Quality Help

The second thing you need to do is go and get a coach, mentor or an accountability partner. WHY would you do this? Well, we all need to be accountable to someone, a person who is not going to let us off of the hook and keep us on track. 

Hopefully you already have a clear goal and clear objective already in place, written on paper, in the positive, dated and placed where you can see it several times every to achieve results today

A good coach or partner will be someone you can bounce ideas off, on a regular basis and the benefits of using a mentor, over the long term, are immeasurable. This will help you answer your challenge of how to achieve results today.

Why Do I need A Coach Or Mentor?

One of the main reasons is because it will dramatically increase your effectiveness, persistence and your ultimate end game or results. It also makes great sense to seek the assistance of a professional and be guided by someone who has done it all before.

Here’s some tips from Jack Canfield, on how to find a good mentor:-

Every one of us needs to find someone who has gone down the path before us. Look out there in the world and see people that already do what you want to do. Maybe they are ahead of you in life or they are a professional and maybe they are doing what you want to do. 

Maybe they are your boss or someone in another industry, but identify that person and once you have identified them, call them or write them and ask them, “Can I spend ten minutes a week on the phone?” Start off with a small request. What we have always found is, when you start with a small request, they will let it expand, if they enjoy being on the phone with you, but if you ask for an hour, it will feel overwhelming to them.

Tell them you respect them, you admire them and you would like to learn from them. If you do that, you’ll do the things that they tell you to do and your report back to them, you know you asked me to do this, you told me to do that and I did it, they are going to feel empowered, that they are empowering you and they will want to keep doing that, because we love help other people. 

Don’t be afraid to ask, reach out, reach out to the people that you want and if you get a no, ask someone else. Never give up on your dream to have the perfect mentor. There are a lot of people out there that can help you, it’s not just one person. So ask, ask, ask until you get what you want and also, end by always thanking them. You can send them a little present, maybe introduce them to other people, maybe send them an article , which might be interesting to them. Give value to them, so they will be glad to give value back to you.

So whether you choose a mentor, coach or accountability partner, find someone who can help you overcome the hurdle or obstacle of ‘How To Achieve Results today’ and make your life and business a little bit smoother

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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