Finding The Right People

How Skilled Are You At Finding The Right People?

You hear people in network marketing talking about the numbers and they are absolutely correct, but your Income In our industry will be determined by how skilled you become at bringing in the best prospects that are available, which is finding the right people for your business. So the question remains, “how skilled are you?” or if you are brand new and not started recruiting yet, how skilled are you going to become?

There are two distinct sides to this challenge. The first is putting yourself in the position to talk to people and that will require you to play the numbers game and then once you have the people to talk to, then knowing what to you say to those potential partners, that is going to have a real impact? So when the dust settles, I will always come back to the same question, time after time, “how skilled are you?”

You see there are a lot of people who fail the first test and that is the marketing side of things. If you do not have anyone to talk to you, your business is stagnant, dead in the water and you are not going to grow.finding the right people

Would you believe that people actually quit because of this, instead of finding a variation of ways to find prospects for their businesses. Sometimes it can be tough, but the winners keep chipping away and work on that particular obstacle.   “Finding the right people” could be classed as a skill, but it most definitely is a case of persistence, tenacity, trial and error.

So How Do You Make Recruiting A Skill?

To ensure that you learn the correct way of recruiting, start to research network marketers, who have been extremely powerful and successful in this specific area, either previously or currently and there are many of them, believe me.

It is important that you practice constantly and consistently, whilst being guided by the best people available. Now they may well be people who are in your current business opportunity and that is great. Just so long as you listen to the best people available. In other words only listen to those network marketers who have done it all before.

So Where Do I Start To Learn Recruiting?

Because there are so many sources out there on the internet and off line as well. I will give you a few ideas to get you going here. 

I would strongly suggest visiting Michael Oliver’s website at http://Natural and sign up for his free newsletter. Michael will teach you exactly what to say to people and engage your prospective partners in meaningful dialogue. I received his newsletter for three years and then I purchased CDs and a book of his, that have been worth many thousands of dollars to me.

Then seek out someone like Todd Falcone on You Tube for no nonsense, straightforward prospecting and follow up tips, watch his many videos.

There are many examples of how to learn prospecting, but the main thing is doing it yourself or trying new things as soon as possible. The key is continual learning, perpetual practice, massive action and simplicity.

So the next time I ask you “how skilled are you?”, can say I am on my way

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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