How Productive Are You?

So How Productive Are You In Your Network Marketing Business?

Come on ‘how productive are you’ really? As we know it is a numbers game.How often and consistently you are placing people in front of the business opportunity or exposing your product range, is what really matters and what counts over the long term.

So to answer the question, how productive are you’  you will need to be approaching and talking to many people on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. I would like to think that you would agree with me here?

Believe Me The Numbers Never Lie

As a general rule the numbers never lie, do they? You can always find out how many products you have sold and how many distributors you have brought in, can’t you? A few people do real well, both most distributors never really get productive are you

Production is the area where people have to step it up a few notches, move out of their comfort zone and start to become professional at what they do. At some stage you had some exciting and lofty goals, but somewhere along the line they got buried, forgotten or deliberately put to one side. Am I right or wrong here? 

For those of you are really good already I would suggest reviewing and evaluating your performance and set new goals to take you to that next level. So if you are talking to one or two new people every weekday, increase that to five new people. Your results will be staggering moving forward and if you can relay this to your team and elicit their involvement, then bingo, think of the increase in business overall.

If You Were Put On The Spot And Asked ‘How Productive Are You’ What Would You Say?

If a top leader, within your business was to conduct or arrange a live one on one interview with you and asked the question, ‘how productive are you?’ What would you say to them, would you waffle and make excuses, because you were embarrassed or would you tell it like it really is.?

For some of us, there wouldn’t be much to tell, now why is that? If you are supremely active then great, but if you are lagging behind, as I suspect many are, then wipe the slate clean as from today. Do not take yesterday, last week or last month into your new thinking for today. It doesn’t matter what you have or haven’t done up until now. 

What matters is what you do from today, tomorrow and next week. face every day as a completely new challenge, which it is. If you were lazy previously, ineffective or inefficient, learn from it and move on. Let’s turn the question, ‘how productive are you’ on it’s head and progress forward.

What Can I Do Now That Is Plain And Simple?

If things haven’t gone well previously, then change your routine completely. In fact turn your thoughts and your business completely on it’s head immediately. A quick one, two, three punch combination.

1. Get on the phone and talk to a progressive leader and arrange a business planning session asap.

2. Clean up, dress up and go for coffee or lunch, chill out and enjoy yourself for an hour or two.

3. Spend that relaxing time around people, ensuring that you are being real nice to others, smiling, talking, saying hello. In other words starting to feel comfortable around the public. I think this is crucial, if you are serious about building a successful network marketing business. Make this a way of life for you moving forward.

Then go home and review how you feel about the time you spent in different surroundings. It will make you feel great hopefully, start to open up doors to initiate some kind of dialogue with others and give you something to talk about during your up and coming business planning session with that leader, who may well ask you, ‘how productive are you?’

To Your Success

Paul Bursey
How productive are you?