Sharp And Focused Always

Sharp And Focused Is The Goal

Sharp and focused is the main aim for me during my day, which includes the actions that I take during my week. Now I do not want to give the impression that I always get it right in this area, as 50% of time is disorganised, but I am better than most at remaining sharp and focused.

The first way that I stay sharp and focused, is by using enjoyable regular exercise, which normally involves walking in forest surroundings or at the very least open spaces. sharp-and-focused

However my background revolves around soccer, athletics and cross country running, so I was initially concerned that walking would not be effective enough to enhance my sharpness, fitness and moods? I mention moods because I was used to competitive sport and needed an outlet for stress etc.

I found that walking two miles, 5 times a week on average, whenever I could, was the catalyst for improving my exercise regime. I wanted to run, but quite honestly I was unfit and overweight due to extended neglect over a long period of time.

So although the first step was a form of power walking at a reasonable pace. I knew that I would have to lose weight if I wanted to start running again. WHY? Because I knew that if I began running at the increased weight that I was, I would damage my knee and ankle joints permanently.

I knew that most diet plans worked, but I also knew that they were normally flawed in some way, mainly because they were based around denying yourself what you loved, which for me was chocolate. Luckily I found the ideal weight loss program which was revolved around a Fat Loss System, which I found easy to incorporate into my lifestyle. The system was based on high protein, low carbohydrates and it included healthy chocolate, which I know love.

Now I exercise the mind through reading inspirational books, listen to quality speakers on audio, watching uplifting videos to stay focused, but my body also required exercise to complete my life balance. Walking has enabled me to get back on the right track. 

Now I am going to train to run some 5k and 10K races in the near future. At this stage I do not feel that i want to run half marathons or marathons again. However I never say never.

Because I have lost over a stone (16 – 17 Ibs) through a controlled diet, but at the same time keeping my energy levels extremely high. I am now moving from power walking to running again. 

I personally believe that exercising is one of the critical factors in my life balance and it assists me greatly when I need to stay sharp and focus on business building.

The secret sauce for me in remaining sharp and focused is not only the quality of the diet and the weight loss program but the addition of of a unique and brand new anti aging system and the most healthiest program available on the market. 

The last thing that helps me stay sharp and focused is actually knowing where I am going with my life, business wise. This is also very critical to the overall success plan and as long as I do not ignore the important things, such as my family, then the future is looking outstanding. 

Staying sharp and focused for your life will be finding out what works for you and adopting those principles and ideas into your daily schedule. It will be totally unique and individual for everyone.

If you are lost and need some guidance, then give me a call and I will happily work with you, fitness and business wise.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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