How To Stack The Deck In Your Favour

Stack The Deck Through Masterminding

I am talking about MLM and Network Marketing when I am suggesting you stack the deck in your favor. All the top leaders make sure that they pay attention to these areas.

A tremendous amount of people come into our industry worldwide, about 300,000 each week or month, not sure which, but it is a lot of people.

stack the deck in your favourMost people do not fully understand their business opportunity and thereby never stack the deck in their favor.

When you go to Reno or Las Vegas, Nevada, have you ever taken part in or watched card games like Black Jack etc. Would you say that the odds favor the house? Of course, they do otherwise the different casinos would not be in business.

So why don’t YOU stack the deck in your favor in your home business? 

Okay, you say, I now accept that just maybe I haven’t gone down that route and always been hitting my head against a brick wall. How can I stack the deck in my favor?

Well, there are three things that you can you starting today to ensure that that the deck is stacked your way for a change, instead of away from you.

1. Create momentum by increasing and improving your work ethic or as I like to call it sweat equity. Use the numbers game to your advantage.

But I can hear you say, but I am doing that already and it is still not working. Well, first of all, are you really qualifying your prospects or prospective partners by asking them the quality questions? I will wager that you are just putting the information in front of anyone. Yes, it is a numbers game, but come on it has to be hungry people, otherwise, you will struggle.

Also trying to create momentum without these other two parts is futile. So what are they?

2. Your attitude has to be that of an absolute winner, period. If it isn’t you will not achieve the results you want and this can be applied to your hobby, business, activity or sport.

Pay attention to your own personal development and become a professional at what you do. If you need any indications that a fabulous attitude pays huge dividends, look at the best in your field of endeavor. I bet they have a fantastic attitude, so go and ask them how they got to that level.  

So are you beginning to understand now that the stacked deck is always advantageous for you?

3. The third and final thing is your belief level because without a high level of belief you can forget it and you can hear and see it when you talk to individuals. The ones with belief just have this glow and go on to build outstanding momentum.

I can hear you asking, ‘What do I have to believe in?’ 

You start off with yourself because if you do not commence with belief in yourself, nothing much is going to happen.

Can you imagine being Usain Bolt at the start of the Olympic 100 meters final, lacking belief in himself, not going to happen, is it?


Can you see Peyton Manning achieving another Super Bowl ring without belief in his own ability to lead his team to victory? I don’t think so.  

In Conclusion 

Work hard and build momentum, but never confuse activity with accomplishment. Ensure you are talking to the right type of person.

Ensure that your attitude and belief levels are as high as they can possibly go. Get around successful people and let their charisma rub off on you. If you need to ask them what they do to stay sharp and at the top of their game.

This is how you begin stacking the deck in your favor.


Here is to your success Rhinos


Paul Bursey