Spend Your Time Wisely

Spend Your Time Wisely. How Do Use Your Precious Minutes?

I wonder if you have given it any thought, exactly how you “spend your time?” Now I bet you think I am going to be talking about income producing activities, but I am not. That would be very easy to talk about organisation, telephone calls and follow up, but what I want to talk about is your down time.

On Friday I asked a friend of mine a question, “Have you got anything planned for the weekend?” My friend then proceeded to tell me about this business activity and this meeting, I said, “Is this how you “spend your time” your time at the weekends, where is the fun?” My friend didn’t come back and answer me on that one, which I found quite disconcerting.

I think you must have plenty of down time and regular periods of time to renew, revitalise your body, mind, spirit and your life in general. So one of the big keys is what you do with your leisure time and how you bring relaxation into your daily life. spend your day wisely

Personally I believe that anyone, but especially you as a network marketer, should take a serious look at where you “spend your time” at the weekends and see if you can bring more exercise, laughter, solitude and fun into play. 

The result of this change and enjoyment for you, is more laughter, relaxation and variation. This in turn ensures that you stay refreshed, sharp and keen to get back into work. The quality of your work will remain tip top and you will be a more balanced individual overall. 

So you get one chance at your life, it isn’t a dress rehearsal, so “spend your time” the best way you know how to do and don’t become a workaholic or grouch. Make sure you don’t miss out on the magic or juice of life because you are always chasing the dollar bill. Balance is most definitely the key to a happy life, so don’t forget the social, leisure and family part of your life.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey