Lay The Foundation For Success?

How Do You Lay The Foundation For Success?

Well to lay the foundation for success you need to basically know what you want from your business or project and be prepared to take the necessary time frame to get there. First of all you need to take a break and review what you have completed previously and decide whether or not you are on the right path for you, moving forward.

In laying the foundation for success you have to be satisfied that you are either going into a system that is smooth and already proven or you have the ability to invent or create such a system. This is so crucial as you build, because you are looking for massive leverage and if you don't have this is in place then it is going to cost you massive problems as you move along.

The system is basically a place where your organisation can feel at home, grow at they own pace and have everything under one roof, such as a calendar of events, live and archived training calls and product information etc. A proven system makes life simple not only for the leader, but the team members as well. It will also improve duplication and productivity throughout. lay the foundation

If you get this one area right it will allow your people to spend the time doing what needs to be done and that is getting eyeballs in front of your business opportunity and products. Because productive time is all about the time your team members spend in front of prospective partners or clients.

Now personally I love being there in person in a room, face to face with a group of people, but we have to be flexible enough to understand that you an conduct a webinar online to 1000+ people. This is where true leverage comes into play, because you can influence large numbers of people through the telephone and the internet.

But never forget that personal contact is by far the best, but you should keep this for the people who deserve your time and not the masses who need it. Is this a hard way of looking at things, you bet, but it is the only way you will have a massive organisation, without destroying yourself in the process.

For an example you can shoot a training video which can be viewed many thousands of times on the team or membership website, but to physically complete this training in front of thousands of live people is unrealistic and a poor use of your time. Maybe you could employ the Pareto principle and spend 80% of your time on video and 20% live, hey whatever works for you I say.

I feel that laying the foundations for success is the way forward, but you must understand that this is a balancing act between live in person and webinar based. 

The question that you as a leader need to answer is, 'How to lay foundations that are effective for everyone.' Laying foundations is a vital cog in your business wheel and a required component for streamlined success. 

An organisation or team must learn how to lay a foundation or what might happen is that an individual will create their own material, which is great in the areas of creativity and innovation, but ultimately it could be unprofessional and impede excellent duplication. 

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

Lay the foundation

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