How Do You Develop The Confidence Habit?

How Do You Develop The Confidence Habit?

So ask yourself the question. “Are people born with natural confidence?”

In my experience I would have to say generally no.

So if that is correct how do people, how do you develop the confidence do you develop the confidence habit

Well let’s take one specific subject, public speaking. I remember when I was 11 years old I volunteered to give the school soccer report in assembly every Monday morning.

I was frightened but felt that I had to do it for some reason. I still don’t know why, because it was actually a trauma for me. I was scared but still kept doing it. I suppose my love for soccer basically took over and I wanted to tell people how well we had played. Maybe, because I was the star striker, I wanted to tell people when I scored a goal.

On a funny note I remember having to stop giving my report one day because I couldn’t read my own writing and I had to ask a teacher what INITIATIVE meant.

Later on I repeated the pattern in my first MLM business in 1979. Yes it was Amway, which I have to say I absolutely loved but never really made any money at. I remember standing in front of 250 people at a rally and saying something.

Everyone clapped and it could have been that I did a good job or it meant they were clapping because I had left the podium.

This continued in the police (33 years) where I would give evidence in courtrooms on hundreds of occasions.

Anyway I worked out why I continued to put myself in the firing line. It was to get good at what I enjoyed doing and that was speaking to people.

So what are they keys to help you develop the confidence habit?

1.  Courage – Just to have the guts to get up there and do the thing.

2.  Persistence – To keep going even when I thought I wasn’t very good.

3.  Consistency – Taking a few daily actions on many occasions contributed to my concsistency

4.  Attitude – I adopted the attitude that I would be a good speaker (OMG it took years)

5.  Practise – What I practised I became.

6.  Knowledge – I studied a tremendous amount and knew my subject.

7.  Accuracy – I was extremely accurate with the content.

8.   Brevity – I had something to say. I would say it and sit down.

9.   Speed – I spoke reasonably fast and I can honestly say I wasn’t boring.

10. Entertained – I always tried to entertain people and tell them true stories

11. Authentic – I was always authentic and told it how it was.

12. Imagination – I always imagined that I was confident when I spoke in front of people. Here are a couple of great quotes :-

A jug fills drop by drop.


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.


Both these quotes were taken from a favourite book of mine INSTANT CONFIDENCE by Paul McKenna, which comes with a great CD. I can thoroughly recommend this book if you are serious about developing the confidence habit.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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How do you develop the confidence habit

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