How Do You Contribute?

So How Do You Contribute?

Now, this is a massive subject, which covers every area of life. So I will have to narrow this down to one specific subject.

So let’s assume that you are involved in network marketing, MLM, internet marketing, so the online making money arena.

how do you contributeAsk yourself this question, ‘What are you doing to really help people? I mean really help people in this economic climate, without expecting something in return. A contribution is a vital factor in any culture. So how do you contribute?

As an example, I met a young entrepreneur who had just started an Amway business. Now I used to be in Amway, so I have a big soft spot for that company. I am no longer in Amway and I am with another company, so does that matter. Of course not.

So I have just begun to mentor him in relation to blogging, keyword research, website set up etc.

Now we have only just started and I will continue to mentor him until he fully understands what he is doing with his blog.

Do I get anything from this, well financially absolutely not, but satisfaction-wise, a tremendous amount.

So is this the first time I have done this type of thing. No, I have always tried to help people in my industry.

But what about you. Are you helping someone just starting out or a person who needs help with a project or idea? Are you contributing?

Oh, I had one stipulation when helping this lad and that was he had to be hungry to make it work, otherwise, I wouldn’t help him. He doesn’t know that of course. Because I am quite happy to assist him but he must be prepared to become a smart grafter.

So think about what I have said and see if there is someone you could assist in the future and answer that burning question. How do you contribute?

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


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