Holding A Grudge Destroys Contentment

Holding A Grudge Affects Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

We all have grudges with people and some bare the scars for a lifetime. Other problems disappear over time, but understand this nobody wins, when a disagreement festers. Holding a grudge will make you feel awful.

This isn’t about being right and wrong. This about your own personal mental well being and how to effectively move forward successfully. holding a grudge

Well, believe me, you can never be a true entrepreneur if you harbor a grudge for long. It just doesn’t pay you to do that and it will ace your future, believe me. Holding a grudge is poisonous to your future.

Being an entrepreneur and developing the correct posture and entrepreneurial mindset is all about focus. To be able to laser focus on a specific subject you need clarity. If there is a problem that you cannot overcome it will take over and create this fog or mist that will mask or surround your ambitions.

So you need to be absolutely clear what your outcome(s) are and move forward accordingly. There is absolutely no time to waste here and to allow a grudge to de-rail you means disaster for you.

So here is how to deal with it and move on. Firstly accept that it has happened and say to yourself, ‘I will handle it.’ In other words, you are not burying it so that it surfaces again later. But at the same time, you are dealing with it there and then, by putting it to one side and accept that things happen.

Secondly, increase the focus on your goal or goals, maybe concentrating more on your affirmations etc.

Thirdly listen to the most inspirational CD or watch a great motivational video and move forward with your thinking. 

Next, speak to the person who you are most inspired by and just have a positive conversation with them.

Do not allow your focus to be drawn back to the problem, not for any reason. If you need to speak to someone about it, then fine. Speak to them and then it must be put aside. You have to say to yourself, “It’s gone.”

You cannot afford to have a grudge against anyone as this will affect everything that you want to do, simple. If another has a grudge against you, smile and move on, it’s their problem, not yours.

Now there are times when it becomes serious and you will require outside assistance. So, don’t dwell on it, speak to whoever you need to speak to and get the ball rolling (eg such as domestic violence)

Action is the key here, remember whatever the problem is it can be overcome with thought and action.

In Conclusion

I was a police officer for over 30 years and three of those years were as a domestic violence officer, so that is why I used that as an example. I have seen people completely turn things around, so I know that you can do the same.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey