Hold Yourself Accountable

Do You Hold Yourself Accountable For Your Daily Results?

Do you get to the end of the day and analyze what you have achieved? I think we all know about accountability, but how many actually stand up and are counted. Not with someone else, but with yourself and the mirror? Not many people do that I bet. So hold yourself accountable.

At the end of your work day spend 5 to 10 minutes running through your income producing activities. So let’s say that you have a list for that particular day numbered 1 to 5. Number 1 is Talk to 3 new people. Ask yourself this question, “Did I achieve my goal?” It sounds simple, but the majority of people wouldn’t do that.

The reason that you do this is to make sure you stay on track with your accountability. If you reached your goal for that day, pat yourself on the back and say, “I did a fantastic job today.” I know it sounds absolutely stupid, but believe me if you say good things about yourself over and over again, the pay off will be outstanding.

Take Full Responsibility For Your Action, But Never Attack Yourself.

A lot of people tear themselves off a strip, either loudly or in silence. There is no reason to do this at all. By all means pay attention to what you are doing every day and be aware of not completing your tasks. It is pointless and futile to put yourself down, because it may make you avoid doing good things in your business.hold-yourself-accountable

If for some reason you fail and do not meet 3 new people, promise yourself to improve next day. It’s cool to have off days, we all do. On the other hand if you are having a brilliant day and meet those 3 new people quickly, then keep going, because you are probably on a roll.

The other thing that seems to work for many people is finding yourself an accountability partner. You can inspire motivate and bounce off of each other. It is simple, effective and you will most likely end up mentoring each other. It really works. So be sure that you implement some kind of accountability process into your business. It will pay unlimited dividends and keep you moving forward.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey