Having A Relaxed Confidence

Having A Relaxed Confidence Does It Really Work?

I first heard the term, ‘having a relaxed confidence’ about six years ago and I could see that it worked very well for a business associate of mine in a big way, but I couldn’t seem to make it work for me, for many years. So the question remains, does it actually work for everyone?

Well, the simple answer is most definitely, but there are a few things that you must take into consideration.

Developing A Relaxed Confidence Takes Time

First of all having a relaxed confidence is not something you just flick on like a light switch. It is a way of life, a gradual process, that you work on daily over a long period of time, so it becomes a massive part of your environment, outlook and moods.

I think it all depends on what mindset and attitude you begin with. If you are a positive type of person, then that would be a great start. But everyone is unique and would be beginning in a different place.having a relaxed confidence

How You Feel About Yourself Is Crucial

One of the big components is how you feel about yourself and whether of not you are the type of person who is calm, centred and totally chilled out. In other words your home life has to be somewhat settled and you don’t allow circumstances or events to control your emotional state.

A big part of developing a relaxed confidence is how you react to people and incidents. If you are always losing your temper or getting frustrated, then you are not laying very good foundations for your new and outstanding relaxation regimen. 

Win or lose, your reaction must remain at a reasonable and equal level. Yes, your feelings will vary a bit but not so much that you just get flustered, angry or all bent out of shape. If you get annoyed and start shouting or worse, it will release toxic chemicals into your body. I know this because I was there for many years.

There are many things that will make up the complete you, so that you remain as relaxed and happy as you possibly can. Will bad things happen? Of course ,but intense attack on yourself or others is not the answer. Take stock of the situation and react how you would like to react.

Is This Going To Work Always

This isn’t going to work 100% of the time, but try it and see how it works. It is great feeling relaxed the majority of the time, if not all of the time. It is okay to lose, to get it wrong and to make a mistake occasionally, everyone does. Jim Rohn had it right when he said, “It rains on the rich.”

In network marketing you have to roll with the punches and accept the good and the bad with a smile. Understand that your altitude will be determined by your attitude, to a great extent. Learn to accept that it is a numbers game where you will have to talk to many people and you will never know the outcome, but that is cool. 

In your quest to move to that place where you can be described as having a relaxed confidence, you will want to consider having a total acceptance of others and refrain from being judgemental, which is common and very easy to do. Accept knocks and defeat with the same attitude as the good stuff and wins.

Expect Success And Expect Good Things

You don’t have to expect less, in fact you should expect success and good things to happen, but at the same time fully understanding that some crap is going to come your way at times and that you have the ability to overcome anything. Adopting a relaxed confidence is a long term project and not easy, but well worth it if you want to have a brilliant life.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

Having a relaxed confidence is the right way to go.