Zenith Of Sharpness. Are You There Yet?

Have You Reached The Zenith Of Sharpness?

Obviously, when you commence a home business, MLM, network marketing or direct sales venture, you do require specific training, but have you maxed out on training? Have you got to the stage where you have become a training junkie and just go on webinar after webinar collecting information and gaining knowledge, without actually doing anything?

zenith of sharpness

It is time to stop delaying the action point and get on with it. I am currently researching online video marketing and there is absolutely tons of information out there, but in the end, it is time to start to put the education, training, and knowledge into practice. In other words, just shoot some simple videos.

I stole the term “Zenith of Sharpness” from Dr. Wayne W Dyer’s book, ‘Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

If you continue to sharpen the knife, it must become dull and blunt in the end. So as Wayne says, “It is obvious that a keen edge represents perfection.” So strike whilst the iron is hot and just do it.

I know some people become students and spend years in education. They never appear to do anything useful just learn things all of the time. This will just make you into an educated fool in my opinion.

So make it a goal to implement some strategy or marketing plan. Don’t wait around, just begin to use those investments of time and education to start your journey now, otherwise, you may well find that you have just wasted many months or years of your life for no good reason.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


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