Have You Outgrown The People Or Situations In Your Life?

Outgrown The People Around You?

Outgrown the people? Hey, only you can answer that question honestly and what do I mean by that anyway?

There must come a time when you have had enough of being in a toxic atmosphere regularly and spending time around an individual or group, where the conversation is negative, boring and potentially dangerous for your mind, soul and body.

You know the people and the places that you should avoid. But there is one thing knowing it is bad for you and another thing doing something about it.

This could be at home, work or within any group of people.

I would suggest staying away from those people who just whine and moan all day long. If they happen to be family, then making the conscious decision to massively reducing the time you spend around them, depending on their toxicity levels of course.

In Network Marketing You Will Grow As A Person.

Now you may already be around those fantastic people and that is great, but maybe some members of your team or organization may not be so lucky.outgrown-the-people-around-you

Being in our profession will most definitely improve your outlook, attitude and mind over the long term. The conversations you hold with other people will be different and in a lot of cases improved drastically.

You will find that some of the conversations or circumstances you find yourself in now will be ones you will say to yourself, “Why am I listening to this garbage?”

Now obviously not everyone is surrounded by rubbish attitudes and dialogue, but many are constantly, sometimes on a daily basis.

Who Do You Really Spend Time With?.

I heard Jim Rohn cover this subject on an audio many years ago. He suggested asking yourself these three questions,

A. “Who am I spending my time around?”

B. “What are they doing to me?”

C. “Is that okay?”

The bottom line is to pay attention to who you talk to on a regular basis and be aware of the effect that each conversation has on you and your psyche. In other words, is this dialogue positive, uplifting and progressive, or is it draining you, negative and poisonous?

As long as you feel that your comfortable spending time in a specific place and you realize the effect that it is having on you, that is fine.

Is Your Self Image Striving Forwards.

If you are moving in the right direction gradually, then you will outgrow your environment slowly and you will avoid those people who will bring or put you down and those ones who are like a millstone around your neck. Your self image and outlook will go through the roof in a positive way if you take care and act accordingly.

The quicker that you can eliminate those people (staying away from) out of your life the more rapidly you will thoroughly start to enjoy your time in the network marketing profession and more importantly, life in general.

Keep asking yourself this question, “Have I Outgrown The People Or Situations In My Life?”

Network marketers must discard the bad situations and the noxious weeds (people) from their surroundings. As they mature, they must leave the chronic complainers and people with a poor self image behind them, mainly because it will most definitely ace their future and drag them backwards.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

Outgrown the people in your immediate circle?