Have You Made A Decision?

Life Is A Series Of Decisions

Life is all about a series of decisions and your network marketing business is no exception, is it? So have you made a decision yet?

We don’t you stop pussyfooting around with your opportunity, let yourself relax and take your foot off of the brake and place it firmly on the accelerator? Start building that momentum, that you have promised yourself that you are going to create and do it now.

Oh and before you think I am just making it tough for you. I am now looking in the mirror at myself. So it applies to me, just as much as it does to you. In fact, if there were fingers wagging or pointing accusations, then most of them would be pointing at me, but I bet some might just be aiming their way towards you as well.

Decide And Do It Quickly

Years ago, an exciting business opportunity I was involved in was only for the big players, people prepared to invest big and hit it very hard.  It cost a lot of money to be fully invested and after two years I wasn’t cutting it. Ok, that is a polite way of putting it. I was broke and going nowhere.

have you made a decisionBy that time most people would have thrown their hands up in sheer frustration and quit. Oh but not me I was either too thick or too tenacious and I still not quite sure.

I spoke to my good friend Brian and I said something like this, ‘Brian this is just not happening for me. I am doing all the right things here and I am not making any money. What can I do.?’

I will always remember his answer. It was quick, rapier-like and it was like someone took a baseball bat to my legs and knocked me down. He said, ‘Are you playing full out.’ Of course, he was absolutely spot on, because I wasn’t playing full out mentally for one thing and I was not really expecting to win the game. 

In other words, he was telling me that not only should I be expecting to win, but I had to take the shackles or leg irons off of my ankles and just do it. You see up until that point I had been trying to build this business with one hand tied behind my back and it just doesn’t work.

Playing full out is about doing whatever it takes, period. Not what you think you should be doing. It is about going that extra mile and doing what needs to be done when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not.

So let me ask you that question again. Have you made a decision yet?

When you can answer that question thoroughly, competently, emotionally and with passion, is the time your business will skyrocket and work for you.

You see the vast majority of people leave the handcuffs on and prevent themselves from winning the game of life.  

Make sure that when anyone asks you the question, ‘Have you made a decision yet?’ You can look them in the eye and answer, ‘Yes I have.’

To Your Success


Paul Bursey