Soul Of A Champion

Have You Got The Soul Of A Champion?

There are not many people who can claim to have the soul of a champion and why do you think that is? Could it have something to do with having the guts to fight to the bitter end or never knowing when you are beaten? Who knows really apart from a champion. 

Champions are driven to excel in their given endeavour, whether that is a sport or business etc.  But there are many people in varied areas who could be described as having the soul of a champion, but I tend to concentrate on business and sport, as this is my background.

To have the soul of a champion means that you must have a serious amount of perseverance, always being aiming at the top spot and believe you will get there.

It takes the soul of a champion to spend hours, days and weeks honing a particular craft, running out on that hard road when it is snowing and there are howling winds, whilst everyone else is cosy in front of the fire. Let me ask you a question here, 'Could that be you?' 

Let us look at some of the things that a person would have to go through or understand in order for them to be accepted as having the soul of a champion. There are many, but here are several of them.soul of a champion

Champions Love Intensive Training

To be a champion would require a person to train intensely through all types of weather, regardless of how they feel. When everyone else is tucked up in bed, the champion is pumping iron, swimming many hundreds of lengths of a swimming pool or cycling many tens of miles, dependent on what sport they are training for.

Champions Have The Ability To Adjust

Well first of all champions never give up, but there are times when you should work hard and there are times when you need to back off. The champion needs to be totally in tune with their body and have the ability and the intelligence to adjust at will, in the areas of physical training, mental training, planning and goal setting, where applicable.

Champions Are Made And Not Born

A champion, when he is starting out on his quest, must understand that a person isn't born a champion, they get there mainly through blood, sweat, tears and a whole lot of toil. Yes, ability can play a part in someone's success, but more and more people are achieving outstanding results from sheer application, persistence and tenacity.

Champions Are Taught How To Win

To have the soul of a champion requires a person to learn what makes a champion tick, how they think and what is required of them. Now, they can achieve this in two main ways. The first is to seek counsel and wisdom from a great coach, someone who knows what it takes to be a champion.

In my humble opinion everyone needs an excellent coach, mentor and or trainer, if they want to get to the absolute top of their field. The champion can be relentless and still fail, without the right assistance and help. The champion realises this on most occasions and does in fact surround him or herself with a winning support team.

Champions must also teach themselves how to perform at the top level and stay there at the pinnacle once they are there. This is that part that requires the athlete to visualize winning the race, round of golf or fight in his or her mind over and over again, until they can see every punch, every exact golf shot or every single stride as being smooth and effortless. They must learn to do this at a very early stage, throughout their career and especially when they are just beginning out on their road to becoming a champion.

Champions Are Made Without An Audience

Champions are made when there is absolutely no-one watching or looking at them, in the quiet of an early morning when the world is still snoozing and in the lateness of the evening when people are watching reruns of CSI.

If a champion wants to be a great champion he or she must do what is required and much, much more. They have to get their hands mucky, work hard and enjoy the price of their success along the way. The ability to graft is an incredibly powerful asset and the budding champion will understand that there is no secret pixie dust, no overnight sensation or magic formula for success, just a strong enough desire and a wanting to achieve the ultimate prize.

A champion will have to sacrifice part of his or her life, time and also money if he or she wants to arrive at that place that most people can never even dream about being at.

So are you ready to rocket to the top and be accepted as having the soul of a champion? 

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.

Mohammad Ali

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