Business Simplicity

Have You Ever Considered Business Simplicity?

Business simplicity means keeping things real effortless and easy to follow. We as human beings over complicate everything and make it unappealing, resulting in the average person switching off mentally.

business simplicityAs an example of business simplicity or the lack thereof, take a look at the manual that you get with your next electrical product. I bet the majority of these so called easy to read and comprehend manuals (written by geeks for geeks, not the public) will send you mad within a short space of time and you will throw it down, never to pick it up again. 

Watch this 60 second video from IBM and this show you where I am headed with my subject of business simplicity.

One last story about business simplicity. As most of you know I was a police detective and spent many a long hour talking to supposed professional lawyers. One day I sat down with three lawyers and we were discussing a case.

I honestly cannot remember what we were talking about, but it must have been a big case with thousands of pieces of paper and many physical exhibits. Now these professionals were attempting to put a workable system in place,  to enable them to handle the sheer volume of material efficiently.

I kept quiet for 25 minutes listening to these highly educated people with big degrees getting absolutely nowhere. Why? Because they were overcomplicating things when there was no need to. So I interrupted them, mainly because I just couldn't take any more and introduced a very simple and easy to use 3 step system, that took 30 seconds to explain. They all agreed that it was brilliant and I walked out shaking my head.

In your network marketing or MLM business are you overcomplicating everything which is leaving you ineffective, confused, bored and broke? 

Start today to break things down to the basics and concentrate on business simplicity. 

Here is an example of what I am referring to.:-

When talking to a prospective client or partner, would you say something like,

'I would like to run something by you.'

How easy is that? Do you have to practice saying that? No, maybe then just show them a short video.

Business simplicity is exactly that. Keep it short, sharp and to the point, if you want to build fast. Ask yourself the question. 'Can I say that to 10 people a day?'  Of course you can, anyone can.

Do I need to say anything else about business simplicity. Yes you are in business. Yes you have to take it seriously and treat it accordingly. This does not mean getting bogged down with garbage. 

So starting today clear your office space and make it conducive to business simplicity and calm. You only need a desk, a laptop, a phone, a pad and pen, then you can go to work. 

Write a list of the 5 most important items to take care of  that day and do them in order of their importance. Business simplicity, make your business life crystal clear and easy.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey 

Attraction Marketing System

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