Have Fun Work Smart And The Money Will Come

Have Fun Along The Way

Have fun first, work smarter, harder and do what you love. There are three very distinctive areas here and I will attempt to give my perspective on them.

So let’s cover the fun aspect because I believe that this is the key to happiness within the home business industry.have fun

I feel that if you are not having fun then something is drastically wrong. So take a good hard look at what you are doing and change it if needs are. If you find yourself continually just going through the motions, take a break, maybe a day or two off and then come back to your work.

Then if it is still not fun, then you have some interesting decisions to make, don’t you? I think the key to having fun is just enjoying what you do. It is as simple as that. I don’t know about you but I just couldn’t remain with a home business I wasn’t enjoying anymore.

But realize that there may be other reasons why you are not having fun anymore. Take some time and investigate this area and please don’t continue to work hard if you are unhappy. You will increase the problems tenfold. I would like it to have the yearning to be an actress or actor and settling for playing charades at the Christmas party. I won’t cut it for you will it?

Ok, now you have reached the point where you are extremely happy about the opportunity that you are currently involved in. So we need to actually make it work and the way that you do that is by plain hard work. Now hard work in the home business industry is not the same as hard work in your present or previous job.

Well, any business will require you to undertake certain actions in order to build the necessary momentum. I do not intend to go into the details because I do not know what business you are in, but I can hazard a guess and say actions like, creating videos, blog entries, articles and other income-producing activities.

The work you put in must be of a consistent and persistent nature. Also, what is suggested to you by experienced people within your organization, because these people have basically done it before?

So, now you are having fun and working quite hard, the last thing is making the money. I would love it to be the first thing but that is not how it all works, is it?

For money to start to flow, there are several things which need to happen:-

1. You must be attractive to other people so that they must want to work with you personally. The opportunity is unimportant at this stage, but your rapport with them is a vital initial ingredient. Have fun with it though.

2. Having the correct posture from day 1 is also critical. It is about giving off the aura of knowing where you are going and portraying to this person that you are the best person to get signed up with.

3. Learning how to become powerful and confident in all that you do. (This ties in with 2)

4. Adopting a winning mentality. I am here to win period.

Most people will tell you to get involved in income-producing activities and yes, these are also very important.

But it is no good finding a prospect and being weak with them, is it? They will switch off mentally and you would have lost them. Remember have fun, it will shine through.

So the key here is to work on yourself, your attitude, self-image, and posture, whilst finding and talking to leads for your business opportunity.

Learn fast, enjoy the process, work smart and make money. It isn’t easy or everyone would be millionaires but it is simple. Everything you do must be duplicatable.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


Have fun, work hard and the money will come.

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