Put It All On The Line

Put It All On The Line. Have You Ever Done That?

This is obviously where the rubber meets the road and on occasions you have to stand up for what you believe in and put it all on the line. So I suppose the question for you would be, “Would you stand your ground and fight for what you want?” Would you put it all on the line?

The problem is that the majority of people shy away from problems, challenges and bury their heads in the sand. Any sign of obstacles or ripples most people go missing when it comes to showing decisiveness and they will not dig in or put it all on the line.

There are many people who put it all on the line and I am not sure I have ever had to do that. But I am the type of person who would have no problem in that area. I am sure if the circumstances warranted it, neither would most people have a problem with stepping up to the plate.put it all on the line

In network marketing you never have to lay it all on the line, just follow a few simple directions and then learn the numbers game, followed by massive action. We are not like Hernan Cortes, a Spanish Conquistador, who in the 16th Century made his crew burn their ships, so they would either win or perish. 

So you will never be asked to put it all on the line or go for broke, you just have to learn a few things like the art of persistence and get involved in something you are passionate about and totally believe in, within our industry. So be cool, calm and just build your business your way, at your pace and enjoy the ride or journey.

Any great leader or coach has to be willing to put it all on the line. You have to be willing to be fixed every day when it comes to standing up for what you believe in.  

Billie Jean King

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Paul Bursey

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