Broken And Shattered

Broken And Shattered. Is That How Network Marketing Has Left You?

“Broken and shattered”, are you sure that isn’t a little over the top? Of course your network marketing business hasn’t worked out for you so far, but is the situation so bad, as to make you abandon your worthy quest or are you in the position where you are seriously thinking of leaving your current business opportunity, sooner rather than later? It’s okay, because most of us have been there.

But you say, “This business has left me broken and shattered.” I hear what you are saying, but is that totally correct or is it a combination of a lack of success, getting some form grief or put down from a loved one, relative or friend and not knowing which way to go in order to turn things on their head.

Distributors Become Disillusioned

When people become disillusioned with their business, it is normally a number of various components that have gone haywire. Individually you would not be concerned by them. But collectively they leave you fragmented, dispirited and wiped out mentally. 

Sometimes they gravitate very rapidly towards confusion, apathy and don’t really know where to turn. It is usually down to stinking thinking (thanks Zig Ziglar) that has got you where you are at the moment, if that is not a good place.brolen and shattered

You can see where this is headed, if you were to continue down this road. You would basically be finished in network marketing. So are things that bad really? Not after watching the injured military coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. Sometimes we need to get real here and lighten up here.

Make A Decision To Become A Success

The network marketing industry is great for those who become professional at what they do, period. It is that simple really. So rather than remaining “Broken and shattered”,turning your back on the industry or feeling like you have been let down in some way. Make a decision to become the success you always wanted to become.

Change your outlook, attitude and emotions about this industry now and realise that it can be a whole lot of fun, a barrel full of laughter and there can be a tremendous amount of smiles, if you play full out, do whatever is asked or expected of you and learn your craft as a professional would. In other words chill out, enjoy the journey, but become excellent at what you do.

So instead of staying “Broken and shattered” within your own mind (which is really poverty mindset thinking) turn this business 180 degrees around and start enjoying your experience once again.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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