Habits Creep Up On You

Habits Creep Up On You. Whether They Are Good Or Bad Ones.

So, do habits creep up on you? Every bad habit you ever acquired crept under the wire slow and easy. Sometimes you never see them coming.

If you don’t believe me look down at your stomach, I am. Now I am not here to preach at all but we all have standards and they are all unique. Some good and some bad, but that doesn’t mean we should accept that them for the rest of our lives.habits creep up on you

The first thing that is important is that you do not beat yourself up on a regular basis by saying things like, ‘I am a slob.’ or ‘I am lazy.’ These statements will not serve you, in the long run, in fact, they will just enforce the habit and prevent you from changing things around.

We cannot ignore the negative. We need to understand it and deal with it, the quicker the better. It takes time to eliminate a bad habit or for a good habit to take route. I saw a sentence in Zig Ziglar’s book, ‘See You At The Top’ It was relating to drugs and alcohol. ‘all bad habits start slowly and gradually and before you know you have the habit, the habit has you.’

If you wanted to eat an elephant you would have to take one bite at a time to complete your task. It is the same with good or bad habits, patience in abundance is called for

It takes time to deal with the elimination of a bad habit or the introduction of a good habit. I saw a sentence in Zig Zglar’s book, ‘ See You At The Top’ It was relating to drugs and alcohol. ‘all bad habits start slowly and gradually and before you know you have the habit, the habit has you.’

So let us look at a few of these habits and as we are coming up for the festive period let’s talk about obesity or just being a pig at Christmas.

I remember one particular year when I was on a mission to eat anything that moved. The weight I put on was staggering as I stuffed my face and what followed was illness, I wonder why?

But Christmas is one thing, what about the other 364 days in the year, that is where the real problem lies, isn’t it. If you eat an elephant one bite at a time, then you can guess how you become obese, yes you got it, one bite at a time.

In other words if you don’t do some exercise you will put weight on and then huff and puff to tie your shoelaces up. So let’s stay with the positive here and take a look at how you can improve and ditch those bad habits. Discipline, consistency and persistence are the keys here.

I will use myself as a guinea pig here and state that yesterday I looked down at my athlete’s stomach and thought I must have had an abundance of Christmas all year round. I must be rich because I had put on 2 or 3 stone. Father Christmas loves me I thought.

No basically I forgot to exercise regularly, so here is what I started yesterday, a small fitness regime. Now I like to keep things really simple, so yesterday I went out for a 45-minute power walk whilst listening to Tony Robbins, fantastic.

I felt great when I got back and I will do the same every day, that I can, leading up to the new year. I am not one for new years resolutions when it comes to habits. But the big questions remain for you.

What habits have you let creep up on you? and What are you going to do about them today? Watch this space for my results and realize if you (or me) cheat, you cheat yourself, no-one else.

Habits will creep up on you if you are not aware.

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