Go The Distance And Never Stop

Go The Distance Every Time

If you stay the course and go the distance, your belief levels will soar. This refers to internet marketing, home business industry, sport or any other endeavor you take part in.

The key here is to achieve everything that you set your heart on and make sure that you feel good about everything that you begin and finish. Unfortunately most people just stop too early and give up. Quitters never really know how it feels to achieve their goal or aim.

Can you imagine finishing what you started and then building on that success, one on top of another, in other words stacking wins continuously. The impact of continued momentum is unbelievable for the psyche and for future plans and undertakings.

Exhilaration Awaits The Finisher

I am not saying that you have to be first across the finishing line. What I am suggesting is that you want to complete the task at hand and at the same time do your absolute best. The mental payoff can be off the charts.

Now, all of a sudden going the full distance and playing full out becomes attractive to the individual, because he or she has experienced a win and likes the feeling that it gives them.go the distance

I played football (soccer) for 44 years and I loved the fact that I could run for the full 90 minutes or more if required. I loved the fact I could keep going regardless. I wasn’t one of those players who lost the ball and gave up. I would have to chase back and at least give myself a chance of retrieving the ball.

Affirmations Are The Nuts

We all know that we should be persistent and consistent, but it seems hard for the vast majority of people to gain that mastery. When I used to run there were days when I just wanted to rest, get back to my warm house and sip a hot drink.

I always finished my training, no matter what the sport, whether it was athletics, boxing or football. What kept me going, was the positive monkey chatter going on inside my brain during the activity. Affirmations are proven to work.

Remember Mohammed Ali became the greatest, not only because he was the greatest, but he repeated, “I am the greatest.” He did this before he was famous and throughout his reign at the top of boxing. Did it go wrong on occasions? Yes, but generally speaking it worked most of the time.

Not that I could ever be mentioned in the same breath as ALI, but I did use affirmations to keep me going when running the streets. All I said was, “Smooth and easy.” I would say it over and over again, until it became a habit.

Positive affirmations worked for me and they will work for you. Sometimes affirmations bridge the gap between 95% and 100%, success or failure. There is a fine dividing line between tenacity, the ability to keep going and the weakness of walking away unfulfilled.

Go the distance people. Don’t quit.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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