Go After What You Want

Why Go After What You Want?

I am suggesting to you, to go after what you want. Why Is That? Because most people don’t even try. They either go along with the crowd or just get hung up with working a job they hate. They lose their sparkle and never becoming involved in anything exciting or inspiring.

What about you? Have you ever really gone for something that just rocks your world? It could be a dream job, that amazing business opportunity, extreme sports or an expensive hobby. Many have previously, but many thousands haven’t though.

Do You Hold Yourself Back?

If you stop dead in your tracks and deny yourself the chance of really going after your aim or purpose. Why? Is it the time investment or the cost of involvement in a specific project and you are not prepared to invest that much, or is it another reason, maybe fear of failure or ridicule?

If you prevent yourself from climbing that mountain, visiting the Great Pyramids, skydiving from that airplane or painting that picture, who are you really hurting? Only yourself, nobody else.

You see if it really doesn’t matter what you want to do. If you are ready to bust a gut, you are passionate enough and want it badly enough, then go ahead and do it. As long as you have the necessary courage, intensity and strong reason, you will do it and be successful.go-after-what-you-want

Never Be Concerned What Others Might Think Or Say

There are a few times when it is advisable to listen to others, but in the end make your own decision based on what you want to do. Please don’t be dissuaded or put off by people who just want to put you down.

Are you really going to let someone else either steal your dream or talk you out of achieving something you want?

Go after what you want today, otherwise you may well regret it forever. On most occasions there is absolutely nothing stopping you from moving forward.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey