Give Your Undivided Attention

Give Your Undivided Attention. Be There And 100% Available

Give your undivided attention to everything that you do. What this means is that if you are having dinner with your significant other, then actually concentrate on them, nothing else. Don’t quickly sneak a look at your mobile or cell phone. It is quite rude, offensive and a big put down to be sitting opposite a jerk who is more interested in his cell phone than you.

Personally I ban phones, laptops and the TV when I am spending time with my girlfriend or having a family dinner, which in this day and age is happening less and less. You should be looking in their eyes not at Pokemon. There are enough distractions in the world without you adding to them.

One of the ways you can rid yourself of this need to go online all of the time is to keep office hours or blocking specific time to get your work done. When you are done you walk away from the electronic world of Facebook etc. So set aside time for prospecting, calling your leads, marketing and sales. Sometimes it is hard to tug yourself away from You Tube and Twitter, but it isn’t imperative to stay on the internet until the candle burns out, because you may lose your life and family.

People Are More Important Than Gadgets

Give your undivided attention to dialogue, conversation, just plain old chatting.We should all spend a part of our day talking to the people that matter in our lives, finding out how their day has gone or is going. If you miss this then you are basically throwing the most valuable resource that you have down the drain or discarding it in the gutter.give-your-undivided-attention

How do I know this? Because I wasted some wonderful years and lost time with my kids because I was too concentrated at work earning overtime. Don’t get to a time in your life when you say to yourself, “If only.” You cannot get time back. If you miss time reading a book to your child, it is irreplaceable.

I don’t really like the words life balance, but I love the idea of setting aside time for the important things in life. Are you ever going to get it perfect? Of course not, but you can keep striving to being attentive to what matters most to you. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES THAT ARE ACCEPTABLE

To Your Success

Paul Bursey