How Do I Generate Free Leads?

Generate Free Leads With Ease

I think the first key is to set a goal of how many leads you need or want on a regular basis. If you do not have any leads then you do not have any business, it is that simple.generate free leads

This will form part of your entire marketing plan and it is worth taking some time to establish that plan as quickly as possible. The plan has to be extremely simple and set out in detail, how many leads you wish to generate and when.

If you are completely new then maybe set a simple goal of 10 leads in 7 days. Write the goal down and place a date on it. Whatever level you find yourself at in your marketing, it never hurts to go back to basics and begin again.

A second or more advanced goal would be to generate your first 100 leads and a third or more advanced goal would be to generate 10 leads per day.

Okay, so now you have set your own personal goal and I did say free leads for your business. So where do I find them?

First of all, I suggest having somewhere for prospects to go to where they can leave their contact details and receive something of value for free.

Then working on one social marketing site, like Facebook, and developing one area of content marketing, such as video marketing (YouTube). Now why select Facebook and YouTube? 

These are the two biggest sites of their kind, reasonably easy to learn and free. I think these days you need to establish inexpensive or free marketing. These mediums are also rapid sharing sites which can give you clout very quickly.

Then you can move on to things like blogging, article marketing, and paid marketing.

The two keys here are FREE & FAST marketing. If you choose those two forms of marketing, stay with them until you know them backward. It will seem very slow at first and initially, some people will leave you behind or seem to. But trust me, in the end, you will be so far in front of the competition both in terms of numbers and results.

You must be patient and hungry, a great combination moving forward and I hope this helps to answer the question, ‘How Do I Generate Free Leads?’

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


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