Employ A Fresh Perspective

A Fresh Perspective Is Always Called For

So when building your mlm or network marketing business do you employ a fresh perspective or use a convential approach?

I think that when you answer any question it has to come from your own feelings on the subject.

So, basically this is how I feel about this particular subject.

The first thing I think you have to accept is that flexibility is the name of the game. Yes, we all look for fresh new ways of getting the job completed but we must not forget that there are time tested ways of finishing the task as well. Both ways have their merits, but I suggest a ‘mix and match’ approach, a combined way of doing things. This allows you the benefits of both lines of thinking. In fact, that should cover most approaches, new and old.fresh perspective

So let’s put some meat on the bones. Let’s look at a couple of examples how this would work in a mlm or network marketing home business.

First of all let’s look at the fresh perspective. We will say that I am looking for ‘Impactful Headlines’ for my articles, blog entries or twitterings. What I tend to do is peruse many books, articles and newspapers (online and offline) on various subjects, to provide me with the necessary ammunition.

By doing this I pick up hundreds of ideas, quotes and headlines that have been useful in the past and will be helpful in the future. Now you could keep a notebook or do what I do and that is use NOTEPAD on my computer, to list them, so they can be used as and when.

My friends Andy and Nicky used space hoppers as a fresh alternative in getting their message across, rather than using the normal type of advertising on Facebook. I have to say it caused a stir and worked a treat.

When I am qualifying a prospect on the telephone I might throw in question to see how the prospective partner will react. Something like, ‘If I had a group of 6 people, why would I pick you above them?’ You see I am looking for ACES and you have to have a bit of fun with it, whilst remaining professional.

Secondly I would use the conventional approach, like asking a person for a referral. In other words, I might say to a friend or work colleague, ‘Do you know anyone who is ambitious?’  Simple, effective and it works.

A conventional approach would be placing a newspaper article to find prospects. A fresh perspective may relate to a headline that attracts people to go one step further, ‘Crazy Ex-Cop Becomes Rich’ or ‘Wanted, DEAD or ALIVE, the very best!’ Just use your imagination.

So there isn’t any right, wrong way, good way or bad way, just different approaches, that is it. Be CREATIVE and have lots of FUN. ENJOY your business and learn to LAUGH at yourself, when you look at some of the mad things you do as you move forward.

There it is, so when faced with the question, do you employ a fresh perspective or use a convential approach? creativity, innovation are exciting but do not forget the old ways also.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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