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I was inspired by a article I found today relating to ‘Four Ways To Build Better Leadership Skills.

It relates to women in positions of authority, such as business owners, politicians and CEOs etc. It had me thinking about my professional relationships with women in the Metropolitan Police and the home business arena. (and no I am not talking about those types of professional ladies either, you know, ladies of the night.)better leadership skills for women

I have to say that I have been thoroughly impressed by countless numbers of women, who have had to overcome many more obstacles then most men and come out the other side much stronger and more effective. I can honestly say I have been proud (as he bites his fist, only joking Ladies) to work with some simple superb women.

So here is the original article link that I found very interesting indeed. There are four short entries taken directly from that article shown as quotes in bold.

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The article was looking at four particular skills that women bring to the table in business and other areas.

Decisive and Collaborative

“Successful women leaders are willing to make tough decisions.”

I have noticed that many women, make difficult decisions, but before they decide are quite prepared to speak to other people to gauge their responses. This happened to me on many occasions, so I felt part of the process and not a victim of a dictator.

Competitive and Team Driven

“Successful female leaders insist on staying competitive in the marketplace by knowing how the organization, as a high functioning team, creates the context for winning.”

I have found that some women can be very competitive, but they also combine this competitiveness well with a group mentality that takes into consideration everyone’s feelings, as much as possible. They appear to be able to achieve this whilst at the same time multi-tasking.
Sometimes the word competition gets too mixed up with the word macho and people forget that women can be fierce competitors as well.

Power and Ethics

“Strong women leaders have a sense of their power and authority and are willing to use it.”

Personally I have found that women, for the most part are or can be very powerful and stick to their guns, but at the same time use their position only when it is required. They listen more intently than their male counterparts and they are prepared to use that power when it is needed.

Capability and Curiosity

“Top women leaders combine business acumen, knowledge and expertise with a sense of insatiable curiosity.”

Most of the top women I have had the privilege to work with are as capable as men, and in most cases better equipped to handle positions of authority and leadership.
Women seem to combine a collection of skills together effectively and are very good at research, which is a very valuable asset. They are prepared to ask quality questions and persist until the answers are forthcoming.
In Conclusion
The days of male dominance are practically extinct and everyone has to realise that whether you are a man or a woman. progress is upon us, so do not get left behind. Not only women have the right to be the best, they will get there with or without our help, and I for one absolutely love it. Because I want to work with the best and most passionate of people, period. There is absolutely no reason why women can’t build better leadership skills in today’s world.

Again thanks to Dr. Jennifer Newman and Dr. Darryl Grigg, For Postmedia News

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