Trial And Error Is The Way Forward

Focus Your Attention On Trial And Error?

Because I think that the trial and error approach is the best way of finding out what works for you and what doesn't. It is all about experimentation on your part.

So the trial and error process indicates that a certain amount of action or actions are required in order that we may arrive at our destination in style and by the best ways possible, after making a series of mistakes.

The losses you experience or finding ways that it doesn't work effectively are necessary events on your journey of self discovery, whilst building your MLM or network marketing business. The theory is that you try something new and see how it turns out.

trial and errorThis trial and error method could be used in any area where progress and success are expected in the future. 

I know that when I was in training as an athlete we used trial and error learning all the time. Changing things and tweaking things regularly to find out the most efficient ways of honing our bodies for the rigours of competition.

One example was to replace our running shoes with walking boots. Now we looked extremely strange running the 800 metres on a grass track where this footwear, but the pay off was tremendous, because when we went back to running spikes we felt like we were floating on air. 

Another area where I have seen this trial and error method used outstandingly is in the kitchen with different cooking methods. Adding or taking out ingredients to improve tastes and recipes. Without this method it would be quite boring and show a lack of initiative. With this method it produces excitement and improvement.

In a direct sales type of business the use of scripts are used on many occasions and as an individual you would have to try all manner of scripts to find out what suited you best.  

In marketing 80% of what you do will most probably be ineffective so the trial and error method or split testing becomes paramount in your progression as a marketer.

So the key is this, keep using the trial and error way of exploring of your hobby, business or project to increase productivity, make beneficial additions and just plain advance. 

If you are successful using the trial and error way of doing things, it means that you are a person of action, you are persistent and not succumbing to procrastination.

Keep On Keeping On.


Paul Bursey