Focus On Where You Are Going

Why Focus On Where You Are Going?

You should always focus on where you are going, because otherwise you may well become distracted and your goal, aim or purpose will be consigned to oblivion very quickly. Tony Robbins talks about, “Knowing your outcome.”

If your goal is to lose 30Ib in weight, would it be easy to lose focus or concentration? Yes, of course. It wouldn’t take much to knock you out of kilter or alignment.

If you can remain on course or target, then your chances of achieving your goal, are very much improved. You must really want to achieve your dream of wanting to lose that 30Ib, this is crucial because a goal lightly set will be abandoned easily.

How Can We Focus On Where We Are Going?

The “How” will be unique to the individual, but I will share with you what has worked for me on many occasions.

In the example above I would strongly suggest getting some white plain paper or card. You can then write something very simple on each piece of paper or card, such as, ‘Lost 30Ibs October 31st 2013.’

This would take care of the visual part of your focus. I would then place these notes strategically around my house (fridge, mirror), my office and car, so that you are reminded many times a day. I would also write it in my journal daily.focus-on-where-you-are-going

I would also use an affirmation(s), similar to “I am so happy and grateful that I lost 30Ibs by October 31st 2013” You then hear yourself saying this frequently throughout each day.

To Ensure Great Focus Don’t Do It Alone.

I would only tell people who were going to support, encourage or coach me. This is especially important when it comes to friends and family, but I would suggest sharing your goal with carefully selected people.

Consider the buddy system or an accountability partner to keep you on track. This is a highly effective strategy to consider utilizing.

The last thing I would personally do is join a like-minded community, where everyone is committed to losing weight and let the environment assist you, guide you and keep you firmly on track.

In Summary

You have to focus on where you are going, otherwise, you are just wasting precious time and energy.

Whatever your goal is you must employ laser focus wherever you can, to ensure your outcome. Make sure that you also build in a degree of flexibility, because rigidity is sometimes too constraining and may not allow you room to maneuver, probably stifling any innovation and creativity.

The bottom line is whatever your goal is, understand that it is within your reach, as long as focus is kept.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey