Do You Focus On The End Game?

Focus On The End Game Only

So what does ‘Focus On The End Game’ mean and how can I do this?

It really is all about your goal or goals, because we either set goals lightly and discard them easily or take some time and set some really meaningful goals and stick with them.It is all about completion, staying around until you win.focus on the end game

Now assuming that your goals are lofty and worthwhile, you then have to look at life when the goal has been achieved. In other w, rds if your goal was to produce a specific amount of money within a certain time frame and you achieved it, how would that make you feel?

We should always keep our eye or concentration on the goal or dream, rather than the work involved that needs to be completed on the journey.

So how do we focus on the end product? well, let us say it is a car, a BMW M6 Convertible. What can you do to focus on that specific car? Remember always focus on the end game.

First of all test drive the car, make a date and go and talk to the sales person and just drive it. I did this when I wanted an Audi TT (love my car). The sales person was not very good at his job but he did two important things, he let me touch it and drive it. The second thing he did was to go through all of the extras and let me choose them. These were crucial elements in my sales journey and yes I ended up with the Audi TT.

So not only did I test drive the car, but poured all over it, smelt the leather, looked under the hood and so on. Then he had me choose the stereo system, types of seats, colour of the bodywork and expensive wheels. Was I hooked? You better believe I was, but to be fair I was before I went there. I was a buyer not a looker.

The last thing I did was obtain a brochure and had a photograph of myself taken in the car. The brochure and the photograph were prominent in my office and I could look at them whenever I wanted.

Now I realise that a car might not do it for you and it probably wouldn’t do it for me in the future either, but at the time it did. So, make sure your dream, goal or ambition is extremely important to you and have it where you can see it all of the time.

That is how you focus on the end game. Never focus on the problems, challenges or hurdles that you need to overcome in order to achieve your ambitions.

I bet the two teams in Superbowl XLV are definitely focusing on the trophy and not the bruises they get.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


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