Focus On Solutions Not Problems

Focus On Solutions Only

In 1980 I purchased a set of audio tapes and heard a successful network marketer, Skip Ross, talk about the disease of P.L.O.M. poor little old me, and it got me thinking about the problems faced by people in the network marketing profession. Networkers should only focus on solutions and not their challenges or obstacles.

How many people when faced with challenges, hurdles and obstacles say, “Woe is me.” They go weak at the knees, because things are not going according to plan? Why do people focus on the difficulty, when they should be focusing on the solution? Always focus on solutions.

Identify A Problem And Never Talk About It Again

By all means identify a dilemma, a predicament or a mess, but don’t remain in the fire, otherwise you will choke on the smoke. If you were caught in a fire, would you procrastinate or would you get the hell out of there?

Of course, you would exit the building rapidly, you wouldn’t need a discussion, a deliberation or a conference, would you? In fact you would make a snap decision based on the quality of your own survival instincts.

So the key is learning to become solution conscious, as well as a fast problem solver and not a ‘wait around’ type of person. Just get on with the cure as fast as you possibly can.focus-on-solutions-not-problems

Take Problems Head On, Never Ignore Them

So having spotted or recognized a problem, why would you not mention it again in those terms? Mainly because you are only going to refer to this situation from now on, in terms of solution thinking. In other words, “I will find the solution to this complication or this hitch.”

Always take trouble head on, as it happens, if possible, or at the very least, within 24 to 48 hours. Why? Because if you don’t, the bad situation or point at issue will worsen, increase in size and become a mental monster. You know, like the proverbial snowball, running out of control down a snow covered slope, gaining in ferocity and size.

If we were all honest with ourselves, we would hold our hands up and say, Yes, I have shut my eyes before and failed to deal with a problem.” We must never ignore obvious challenges and really get into the frame of mind, where we willingly take any problem head on.

In Summary

Refuse to push things to one side and make matters much worse. Grab the chance to become a NOW person. Once you have identified the problem, never talk about the problem again, only talk about the solution and deal with either immediately or asap. Professionals don’t hesitate they act NOW!.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

Focus On Solutions