Focus On Being Productive

Focus On Being Productive Consistently

One of the first tips I was given when I started network marketing was this, ‘Focus on being productive.’ Now did I take that advice, well not immediately, but it has formed a big part of how I have conducted myself over the last few years.

In my particular business is about creating content, such as articles, blogs and videos. I have done very well if it relates to writing, but poorly when it comes to video. I am in the process of improving my video production.

You Must Have A Plan Of Action

Whatever it is that you want to produce, you will need specific plans or a plan of action. It is not enough to know what you want in terms of output. You must spend time and clearly state what you intend to do in the coming weeks and months, so that you can track your progress and tweak any area that needs it.

When I ran the marathon in 1986 I planned meticulously for the two years leading up to the event. I initiated a plan of action and completed about 95% of that plan. Was I ready to run that race? You better believe I was and confident as well. I knew what I would be doing every day for two whole years.

It Is Advisable To Keep Records Of Your Production And Results?

The main reason to to keep a written record is to establish that you on track and winning the game. You can make sure of this by writing down what you want to do at the start of the week and recording what you actually do to see if they match.focus-on-being-productive

The other reason is because it has a fantastic effect on you when you can reel off this wonderful victory list. It allows you to sing your own praises constantly and helps you improve progressively as you move forward. If you focus on being productive at every given moment, the knock on or ripple effect is tremendous, assuming you are working in the right way.

My advice is always focus on being productive to ensure that you get the results you deserve and desire.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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