Focus And Determination Equal Success

Focus And Determination Will Get You To Your Outcome

Focus and determination are two of the vital ingredients on your way to achievement. Consider these two questions below and answer them truthfully.

Are You Laser Focused?

Are You Absolutely Determined?

When we talk about being focused we are really talking about staying on one path only and not taking our eyes of of the ball. Think of it like a gymnast competing for a gold medal at the olympics and pick one of the disciplines, the isometric bars. The next time any gymnastics are on the televison, watch the gymnasts who try to conquer those two bars.focus and determination

They appear so dedicated, purposeful and precise when they are twisting and turning on this piece of equipment. This does not come about by chance, luck or quickly. The gymnast has basically been practising for many years to get up to this point and they have to focus intently like a laser beam and concentrate fully, if they are to have any achieve any degree of wothwhile success.

For you to have this type of focus you will need to eliminate all distractions from your surroundings or office and do that one thing only. This is the only way forward in this day and age of professionalism.

If you can also add determination to the mix, then you have found the right combination. Focus will always require it’s best ally, determination, in order for complete and resounding victory.

What is determination? No more than a dogged spirit, showing the world that you will persist until you win the game. This is where those twins come to your rescue, persistence and consistency.

It is my firm believe that determined focus is definitely the way to reach and conquer your goal or target. When I think about determined focus, I think about somone like Tiger Woods who is a genius with a golf club and at his sport. Golfers are so laser targeted it is a joy to watch them when they are on form. There are many examples of determined focus in our world and not necessarily from the world of sport or business.

So what about you then? Have you figured it out yet, this focus thing. Also just how determined are you?

Answer that for yourself and really take a good look at your reasons for starting that idea in the first place. Because if your focus and determination lack drive, the necessary skills or bucket loads of patience you will ultimately fail in your personal quest, whatever that may be.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


Focus and determination.

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