Fire Within Needs To Burn Brightly All The Time

Fire Within You Will Determine Your Commitment

The fire within you controls your pace of achievement. Unless you are fully committed to the end game and your outcome, you may not make it all the way to the finishing line.

The reason that most network marketers never make it, is because they lack the drive and the motivation to win. For some reason, they lack the internal drive and the resulting work ethic to take them to the chequered flag.

So what is the fire within? It is a combination of passion, hunger, desire, and purpose. These four components are referred to as your WHY factor. You must know what you want exactly and be prepared to do whatever it takes so that you can reach your within

Keep Stoking The Hot Coals

You must be fired up in order to get the job done quickly and effectively. You must make a clear decision as to what you want and then firmly implement a course of action that will get you where you want to go.

In order to win the battle the fire within needs to be burning brightly consistently.

The fire within will keep you going when times are tough. Some people have it and others don’t.

As a former athlete, I can tell you from experience that the fire you have burning inside of you is the one thing that keeps the tenacity intact.

You can do this, my friend. Let the fire within you shine out like a moonbeam and light up the path in front of you. How big is your WHY? Is it important enough to go after it with all you have within you?

Your WHY is your jet fuel, without it being crystallized you’ll only be interested in the outcome rather than being committed to the outcome.

If you haven’t got the burn in your gut, then I can predict your results pretty accurately. Get yourself into motion and become emotional about your progress. No-one will do it for you. Only you can move you.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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