Self Reliance Is A Must In Order To Succeed

Does Financial Stability Come From Self Reliance?

It would appear that not many people have financial stability, mainly because they are either too lazy, cannot be bothered, do not know how to handle money or rely on others to control their money, when self reliance really is the order of the day.

Do you have financial stability in your life? I hope so because the majority of people do not take care of this side of their lives. To be stable with money will require you believe in your own capabilities and judgment.

You have to become fiercely independent, focused and be prepared to take advice and then act on that advice. So it is advisable to enlist the help of someone who has their financial stability taken care of and not one of these so called professionals who have lots to say, but very few assets of their own.self reliance

One of the first places to start is to just to get a financial portfolio commenced as soon as possible. So where would you start? Well, consider what areas you might like to have assets or cash. If you base your entire portfolio on money alone, you may well be severely disappointed in the future, due to factors like quantitative easing for example.

But you may well ask the question, “I do not have any resources to start my financial or asset portfolio.” Well, you must start somewhere and that is learning to pay yourself (5% to 10% of your wages) first, before taking care of anything else. Is it tough at first, you bet, but if you don’t start now, you probably will never start. 

You may have to change your mindset, as most of us do, in order to get things going. The key is to develop a broad base of assets, which could range from real estate to savings or stocks/shares to precious metals/coins.

The main component of your future success will be your ability to make decisions quickly, ensuring that you take action now rather than later and teaching yourself to become self-reliant rapidly. 

Happy hunting

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Paul Bursey

Self reliance