What Is Your Financial Goal?

Do You Really Need A Financial Goal?

Your financial goal should be borne out of a strong¬†want or deep desire, something¬†meaningful to you. It must be your chosen goal, not someone else’s. Remember that it must not be set based on your past performance, but what you really want. If you are in a relationship, then obviously any money target can be joint choice.financial goal

Pick an exact amount and write it down. Also, know why you want the money for or what the money will give you. Your goal has to be extremely specific and detailed. The financial goal can be an exact amount of money in itself or it can be for something like a car or a vacation (anything really). 

Don’t just say something like “I want an Audi TT. You must be able to describe the color of the paintwork and the interior. Visualize the type of low profile wheels and sound system that you want etc. Lastly test drive the car, because until you do you are not serious enough and will not get it.

Go and drive it, take pictures of it and smell the seats, make it real. Always set an exact date when you are going to get it. It works. Stick pictures/photographs everywhere so you see them morning, noon and night.

The goal must also be just out your reach. you know that goal, that one that you said would never happen. Have fun with your goals also, don’t make it a task, make it a game that you know you can win and continually smile to yourself about the goal.

Affirmations relating to your financial goal are vital also, so say it out loud and with forceful passion. Go for it guys

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